Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 14/01/2013

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Monday’s puzzle...


1 Search throughout a community for a lock (11)

9 Bring things up, although powerless to endorse them (5)

10 Cut through network with some speed (8)

12 Revolting racket had some merit (7)

13 Sees raw material can be offensive to look at (7)

14 Climb hillock on day out, at last (5)

15 One goes off with them to find a reel (9)

18 Veronica was able to make haste satisfactorily (9)

20 The sports ground may be new in the district (5)

21 Engineers come back to take issue with US writer (7)

24 Had to swallow one type of cocktail (7)

25 Interrupted lighter degree, in the end (6,2)

26 Where in France a new church carried little weight (5)

27 Is Tom involved in new story about an ugly thing? (11)


2 Put one’s foot down to bring things into view (4,3)

3 Delve into beer over at the summer-house (9)

4 Henry had to move into a French resort in the recess (5)

5 Turbulent flow broken at its height, initially (7)

6 Excel at putting on alfresco social occasion (5)

7 It can be very good to defeat an expert on board (5-6)

8 To be cruel, I’d hold one up to mockery (8)

11 In the main, one’s boss on paper drew conclusions (11)

16 To find precious metal, digs up sources of great profit (4-5)

17 Would honour tend to make one become deferential? (8)

19 Works out how to develop small blueprints (7)

20 Disseminate marijuana right inside flight terminal (7)

22 Did it take a very long time to follow up a divine muse? (5)

23 Even at the lowest point, one can eliminate a new reverse (5)