Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman, 12/01/2015



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Monday’s puzzle...


1 It appears, by chance, to change drink (5,2)

5 Decided to make a down payment as security (7)

9 Was a universal old timber measure rather weighty? (7)

10 Typical soldier may be well-ordered (7)

11 Show fitness, and best behaviour, when in good form (9)

12 Did a Puritan leader advocate a witch hunt? (5)

13 Cafe had to get rid of some food it chose to prepare (5)

15 Application made to negotiate with workers, at the end (9)

16 Sprinkle over one type of spicy sausage (9)

18 A place to stay which is popular with the Spanish (5)

21 Worries about an endless embrace (5)

22 Rest held out over Europe with protection (9)

24 Did small firm protest over misfortune? (7)

26 Had to check up on cut-back at the colliery (7)

27 Guarantees to find parking spaces, initially, over a ridge (7)

28 Spells out how to use each set (7)


1 Primary teacher lost in thought, it’s said, is in a tight spot (7)

2 Move at speed, although it’s wrong to go after a stampede (4,3)

3 Run through a bar, getting a last chance (5)

4 Intense press manages, without displaying self-importance (15)

5 Having left work, went to bed in good time (5,10)

6 Lost it when put in an outrageous position (3)

7 Opponents left a top regiment, say, coming back to blow things up (7)

8 It must be agony to run in front of soldiers on time (7)

12 Make heavy weather of 13 across, replacing a duke with a prince (5)

14 Pays attention to guards in 21 across (5)

16 Improves gradually, and comes across a bargain (5,2)

17 Use prop to describe the subject matter (7)

19 Mountain pool is hard to contaminate (7)

20 Left old folk heading off to find some paying guests (7)

23 After half-time, one of the Gunners got the crown (5)

25 Cover for travelling through Bruges (3)

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