Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 11/12/14



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Thursday’s puzzle


Wednesday's solution

Wednesday's solution

1 Shipmate set out, and was involved in an accident (6)

4 Grandfather clock just the thing for a veteran (3-5)

9 Might a silly-billy improvise with ten across pasta? (6)

10 Later on, I got involved with the Far East (8)

12 Trembling (like a tree?) in a spending spree (5)

13 Tips up some small vessels (9)

14 Although head girl is sent away, she eats some food (7)

15 Leading light has finished with old sailor (4)

19 See location for recreation right away (4)

21 Bring people together for a short prayer (7)

24 Discharge me, on the way back to a race (9)

26 Old steamer started to collide with pier, initially (5)

27 Man heading off coach after the wedding (8)

28 Resident may restrict popular seabird (6)

29 Bear in mind capital is your pride and joy (8)

30 Win the battle at one time, but has to go off quickly (4,2)


1 Staff drain away from ten across official (8)

2 Impose block on attendant taking industrial action (8)

3 Everyone finishes convincingly (3,4,2)

5 Generosity displayed by Queen Mary, for example (7)

6 Time to let an English river flow (5)

7 Many a time flower has to grow and blossom (6)

8 Appreciate the taste of antipasto (6)

11 Pass the time aimlessly, but has to perform on board ship (4)

16 At the same time, but without warning (3,2,4)

17 Alas, a decent day turned out to be rotten (8)

18 Tell driver to speed up, like 26 across (4,2,2)

20 Time to get oil worker to set things in motion (7)

21 Is unable to pay lip service, when about to abandon veto (4)

22 Cover up hard tree with brief ten across, at last (6)

23 Obstacle to the Queen leaving with an old playwright (6)

25 Otherwise, termed the greatest, when using an assumed name (5)

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