Cryptic Crossword - The Scotsman 09/12/13

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Monday’s puzzle...


1 Don took Morris to be a Communist sympathiser (6-9)

9 Cut back to let noise come out (9)

10 An element of dialect appeared when Jack left (5)

11 Theatre company turn out to use a figure of speech (5)

12 One chapter in a special edition had note to set free (9)

13 Filled in for another, at some stage (5)

15 Transferred post for admiral; that’s arranged (9)

17 Stretches the Spanish working for Bill (9)

19 Is keen to get through area Germany lost in 1945 (5)

21 Recovers control, and bound to succeed, initially (9)

23 Have no time to grumble, and run into Rod (5)

24 Did one have to complain about girl? (5)

25 Is a Roman upset about one former greek area? (4,5)

26 When sitting tall in the saddle, you are very much on your dignity (2,4,4,5)


1 Liberal deal on their open markets policy (4-5)

2 It may seem wrong to warn a sentry (4-3)

3 Give little weight to one kind of harmful gas (5)

4 At the end, get some strong-smelling rubbish (5)

5 Pure tears flowed out of eyeholes (9)

6 European reformer left out note to rub things out (9)

7 Pulls on a line over one sheet, in the main (7)

8 Managed, say, to get back in bounds (5)

14 Gives diet out to have a biscuit (9)

15 Consequences of following many at hospital (9)

16 Unknown quantity, of course, could be a nightmare (4,5)

18 Was old winger in Old Firm a long-distance runner? (7)

20 Tear local paper up to find Perry Mason’s creator (7)

21 Boy had to perform a musical composition (5)

22 Toss small fish into the drink (5)

23 Keep junk mail behind the bar (5)

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