Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 08/05/15



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Friday’s puzzle


Thursday's solution

Thursday's solution

1 Will it clinch the game at Armageddon? (3,4,5)

9 Raiment suitably arranged in part of mosque (7)

10 Entails making toast in the Gaidhealtachd (7)

11 Complaint about meat (4)

12 Penny-pincher is remiss to cut shilling in collapse (5)

13 Even Greek hot getting lease (4)

16 Finale in G goes on for ever (7)

17 Cases for former PM brought on board ship (7)

18 The boot’s made of coarse cloth (7)

20 Defeater of 19’s grandfather to feast on England with capital ego (6,1)

23 Defrost? What nonsense! (4)

24 Playgirl, perhaps, gets something to eat in New York (5)

25 Twelve angry men may change at last when kept on island (4)

28 Florida city or country round (7)

29 If you could see it differently at the beginning, it would be a laughing matter (7)

30 One side heard to do away with married woman in first new town (4,8)


2 Hillside woods offer somewhere to put clothes (7)

3 Early bird has a bit of fun (4)

4 Scene appropriate for the sun at the end of the day (7)

5 The first flowers are examples of what’s to come (7)

6 American fliers give us a fine show (1,1,1,1)

7 Most blushing done when something proverbially black in concealed with annoyance (7)

8 It’s preferable I’m included in property’s ballpark figure (4,8)

9 Abolitionism is the wrong way to get troops ready for war (12)

14 Watch kept by Latin poet has run down (5)

15 Figures that increase the value of last letter sent to lover-boy (5)

19 Does he cook with rich ale, this bonnie prince? (7)

20 Go to see high-lass music at Clydeside location (7)

21 Gleaner easily becomes an officer (7)

22 Dug up some food among the flowers perhaps (7)

26 Animals sung about by Flanders and Swann (4)

27 Ex-pats are shielding Slavonic ruler (4)

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