Cryptic Crossword - The Scotsman 08/02/13

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Friday’s puzzle...


1 Animation when some characters from Downton Abbey miss right out (3,10)

10 Pleasant Italian puts card sharp in charge of circle (9)

11 Be right back! That is woven into inducement (5)

12 Indication of approval fades out on seeing foolish people (7)

13 Initials identify a crony making an entrance (7)

14 Gentle walker heads off more purposeful one (6)

16 Beasts that can rip steel apart (8)

18 Protestant heard to move away from middle line (8)

20 Run after and run after a pint of heavy, perhaps (6)

23 Lab rat went crazy around original experiment in Canadian province (7)

24 Maize provided for footsore horse (7)

26 Miss Bow, perhaps, finding supposed slimming method at academy (5)

27 Cite extra difficulties from which to deliver (9)

28 Notice red mat I’ve sent in exchange (13)


2 Hot and sweaty, having concealed inner hesitation (5)

3 Greed is a bad habit when adopted by a king (7)

4 Chemical firm is, in France, the least people-friendly (6)

5 Norse god takes cutting tools for chests (8)

6 Undressed in catsuit for floor show (7)

7 Said to investigate ways of looking at figures (9)

8 A fuss concerning “help”, perhaps, with ball (1,4,3,5)

9 Scrooge less able to get about in novel adaptation (3,10)

15 It helps to keep you straight when aiming to support directors (9)

17 Trial that’s neither black nor white is said to be most formidable (8)

19 Tell how ran back to assess (7)

21 Is bravery more his style? (7)

22 Anglo-Saxon may contain charming accents (6)

25 Half dance in long line (5)

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