Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 07/04/2014

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Monday’s puzzle...


7 Take a small pace into the blue (5)

8 Is able to struggle with new model (9)

10 Run through a South American country’s top estates (6)

11 Was a nobleman first to accept Europe? First, indeed (8)

12 Jade can’t turn up next-door? (8)

13 May have to carry a child at the end (4)

15 Did it take a long time to get German across to a French inn? (7)

17 Have to get rid of the wrong kind of merchandise (7)

20 In the main, a sailor caught a killer-whale (4)

22 Although above suspicion, Connie’s upset by new trial, initially (8)

25 Keeping tabs on a sentry in the middle of the night (8)

26 About to get the right response (6)

27 A picket started striking, but was still given a job (9)

28 Ladies get a manuscript, it appears (5)


1 Len’s proud to show off his brilliance (9)

2 A first-class assistant to a 21 down, to be exact (8)

3 Italian runner advanced with a type of porridge (7)

4 Would a fairy meet up for a pre-dinner drink? (8)

5 Was it hard to get fundamentalist into a restricted zone? (6)

6 Poles unduly quick to run away, displaying insolence (5)

9 Is in attendance throughout the rehearsals (4)

14 Most important configuration of a large computer (9)

16 Treading over rising ground (8)

18 Recognition of place for establishment (8)

19 Lock up triangle, after one has gone (7)

21 Is about to climb first high point, in principle, we hear (6)

23 Mean to gather some corn or maize (4)

24 Turns to platoon involved in conflicts (5)

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