Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 07/01/13

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Monday’s puzzle...


1 Limit one arranged, once, in order to conform (4,4,4)

8 Finished with a long line from beginning to end (3,4)

9 Calls again, when about to appoint someone, first of all (7)

11 Need leading light to go into low-down valley (4)

12 If snakes seem wound up, it’s understandable (5,5)

14 Is in the wrong group from the start (6)

15 Withdrew, although about to be summoned (8)

17 One man has a job, or he is a con man (8)

19 Hears about quiet celestial being, maybe (6)

22 Take in ship’s officers to share accommodation with others (10)

23 Hit back at one African state (4)

25 Turned over; right time to shake things up ... (7)

26 ... and had two articles before one’s time by disbeliever (7)

27 About to demonstrate, in front of a new force, for recording (12)


1 Come together with a little prayer for harvest (7)

2 Propose to change places, in advance (4)

3 Find a new way to mount an attack (6)

4 Get to read about model being put in the frame (8)

5 Left with small points in scenic art works (10)

6 Pretended to moan about nothing in a game (7)

7 Take liberties with first report, to be caught red-handed (4,2,6)

10 Wastrels will use up savings at top speed (12)

13 Communication from second landlord, starting afresh (10)

16 Some widows will get the same pay, by right (8)

18 Get down mature fruit, conversely (7)

20 Declining to follow a club in losing final (7)

21 Arrest Greek character involved in racket (6)

24 Asian leaders tackle heavy American industries (4)

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