Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 05/12/14



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Friday’s puzzle


Thursday's solution

Thursday's solution

1 Restrict age I’m dealing with, using lots of rules and regulations (1,6,6)

10 Toy belongin’ to children spoken of in Alpine range (9)

11 Tenant doesn’t begin to come in (5)

12 Penne yachtsman served up with pepper (7)

13 Inventor’s heard to put label on one (7)

14 Turnover of initial fat charge for love or money (6)

16 There’s nothing in Richard Dawkins’ insistence that’s completely ready (4,2,2)

18 Extra work done in the course of weeks or months, perhaps (8)

20 Are lodgers of member for Europe measuring electricity? (6)

23 Hopin’ to find wonder-drug (7)

24 Affected challenging cry of one’s worst enemy (4,3)

26 Unprincipled? Let it all hang out! (5)

27 Something that would possibly be basic to nursery fitting (6,3)

28 Invitation to fellowship leaves off Quakers (4,2,7)


2 Aunt’s for having a go (5)

3 Cameron gets mixed up in love affair (7)

4 One involved in quotes about Edinburgh and Glasgow, say (6)

5 Call back about amount due to Scotsman (8)

6 Looks embarrassed at what happens to light after warning? (4,3)

7 Swiss banker said to support Paris underground as way of marking time (9)

8 Daily clue to an enigma is in the way of teaching (13)

9 Bridal wear, perhaps, of still vacuous 19 in series of related occurrences (5,2,6)

15 End call at someone else’s turn, even though it costs nothing (9)

17 The last word can be well-disposed (8)

19 Serving dishes in rotation containing beef heart (7)

21 Friend’s revolutionary in using knife for slashing (7)

22 Charlie sees warning light on the curve of the road (6)

25 Withstood giving up coffee (5)

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