Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 04/03/2014

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Tuesday’s puzzle...


1 Unsoiled corruption is fantasy (8)

5 Gap I’m following throughout (6)

9 What wrestler needs to do to control emotions (3,1,4)

10 Six go down cave in lively fashion (6)

12 Most wise method of operation in stages (6)

13 Condition of wet, as produced by exertion (5)

16 Hierarchy so-called will cause resentment (6)

17 Row about alien taking bone from round piece of meat (8)

20 Dunderhead, in losing head and getting muddled, was not sat on (8)

21 It’s cunning to be upset about behind (6)

23 Kind of suit presented after return from being bombed excludes top brass (5)

25 You’re first to trail particular manufacturer’s drink (6)

28 Mainstay found swinging on arch (6)

29 Vigorously disowned disadvantageous aspects (8)

30 Bets, say, on rumps (6)

31 Network to bury performance (8)


1 London isle of endless curse (4)

2 Shall we begin losing even this service? (4)

2 Communicated physically with notice of every edition (9)

4 This man is green over initial reality (6)

6 I spilled soda as cover while saying goodbye (5)

7 Sit around fish that’s distinctly high _ get rid of it! (5,2,3)

8 Encounter you singly and together in olden times and be immediately obvious (4,3,3)

11 Reports resurgence without being concerned with temper tantrum (5)

14 Pulverised fish served as recurrent bottom layer (6,4)

15 Trojan princess’s coma and her resuscitation (10)

18 Harsh speech that’s remarkably decent, sir! (9)

19 Stops short, we hear , at edges of pavements (5)

22 The French continue towards shallow water (6)

24 Burn permit (5)

26 Opera star eager to make a comeback (4)

27 Unruly pets are such a nuisance (4)

Monday’s solution

Across: Rounders, Rancid, Bakewell, Mature, San serif, Aisle, Used to, Cadre, There, Settee, Nerve, Elaborate, Action, Smashers, Decree, Statutes

Down: Robust, Standard, Unkind, Neurotic, Downe, Stevedore, Rulei, Dispel, Loat, Admit, Avalanche, Onset, Club Soda, Lament, Deepened, Teases

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