Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 03/06/2013

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Monday’s puzzle...


1 Is able to deal with obstacles placed by embargoes (5,8)

10 Have to spend, or is forced to come back (7)

11 Is it easy to adopt one of a different faith? (7)

12 Reverse through a run-down area of the city (4)

13 Looks up to doctors (or nurses), and pulls through (5)

14 Expectation of hard work, at the end (4)

17 Is relaxed hearing tall tales before a fight in the ring (4,5)

19 It’s essential to put graduates in charge (5)

20 Is game to measure up to the competition (5)

22 Did grandees run off to prepare plots at Chelsea? (9)

24 Eager to let some make enemies lament (4)

25 Gets out of place in record time (5)

27 At any rate, one might find a mythical creature (4)

30 Continues in tears, when upset (7)

31 Show passion in response to a final formal proposal (7)

32 Support some of the players in the reserves (6,7)


2 What’s left behind seems sure to die out (7)

3 Decline to lose heart in descent (4)

4 Is it wrong, for example, to take back identification? (5)

5 It’s customary to get in with one in control (9)

6 A holy place, in the main, of national importance (4)

7 To iron out two turns could be disastrous (7)

8 Hector writes about royal malcontents (7-6)

9 About to get some drums, etc, with second outcomes (13)

15 Was Turner a bit of a rebel, at heart? (5)

16 Dramatist had one book delivered in no time (5)

18 Combined with other workers in grandiose arrangement (9)

21 Natural milieu of 16 down, at some stage (7)

23 On a par, in good order, at the end of the day (7)

26 Gather record return, to take it all in (5)

28 Take cover round the swimming pool ... (4)

29 ... and cover up, to go before quiet one (4)

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