Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 02/07/15



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Thursday’s puzzle




1 Have the strength to get over 1 down, before new witching hour (8)

5 An enemy plane would not allow it to happen, we’re told (6)

10 Lightweight unqualified to take on heavyweight (9)

11 He was runner-up in a close-run contest (5)

12 Whipped into a frenzy by exploding grenade (7)

13 Working with old sailor on one old province across the Pond (7)

14 Pass on 15 down and fall to pieces (8)

17 Drive off east and west, them goes by bicycle (5)

19 Was a Greek character in the Territorial Army? (5)

21 Suffers corrosion, which takes in half the town (4,4)

24 Stands one’s ground, as sisters are forced to do (7)

25 Withhold information from customer, commonly, getting right ahead (5,2)

27 Left, for example, with the final bill, as authorised (5)

28 Is about to be working on a lathe, when getting even (9)

29 Digger of trenches is caught out in confusion (6)

30 At short notice, present New Testament to a disciple (6)


1 Graduates have most of the period to become a teacher (6)

2 Like a shrinking violet, is detailed to take exception (5)

3 Only one left with 27 across under the counter (7)

4 Was forced to take note, when disliked strongly (5)

6 Stellar cast where a long line had leading role (3-4)

7 It could shake one’s faith in a girl’s belief (9)

8 Turn to Tories to find a legendary race winner (8)

9 Lackadaisical old lecturer was included in requisition (8)

15 Made a mistake in supervision of management, by default (9)

16 Hector had influence to encourage English runner (7)

18 Appeared to go over the line, and put the fear of God into one (8)

20 Sailor loves to get involved, so can forgive others (7)

22 Was poetic work transposed? On the contrary (7)

23 Odds on one received a bung (6)

25 At one time left hot under the collar, when summoned to court (5)

26 Rebel over a small salary increase (5)

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