Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 01/01/15



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Thursday’s puzzle




1 Hand over information, to take effect (4,6)

6 Steal away in underwear, by mistake (4)

10 Found the French could put the fear of God into (7)

11 At the end, a seabird followed a line, which was never-ending (7)

12 A church follower had a day to present the Good Book (8)

13 It’s naive, in a way, to expect to produce a sparkling product (5)

15 Wanted to run back one place, as allocated (6)

17 Display strong disapproval of an outsider (8)

19 At a small college about to serve the human race (8)

21 Planes carried a mass of wreckage, in the main (6)

24 Employing American in first grade (5)

25 Get round after 30 across, in service (8)

28 Gathered a great deal at first, every day (7)

29 The 3 down dropped name in a playhouse (7)

30 Still measured, straight from the Seventies (4)

31 At short notice, takes a chance to have exciting experiences (10)


1 Throw the last stocks into an old coalboat (4)

2 Wander about, on average, with left-winger backing up (7)

3 Was a cave dug out of some plant remains? (5)

4 Is staggered to see a fish captured by Titian (6)

5 Watch from the side, as a gamble, at a gallery (8)

7 Coming down, between two stories, we’re told (7)

8 Pined over moral, whichever way you look at it (10)

9 Commission diplomat to end up at the middle of Bordeaux (8)

14 A couple of coppers left mate upset, but could bring them together (10)

16 Spare no effort to galvanise slave (8)

18 Worked one’s way up with a second primary class, before it closed (8)

20 Did a friend have it in him to emulate others? (7)

22 American politician was guilty for treason, it turned out (7)

23 Landowners lost track, in short, but could be quite kind to the French (6)

26 Small change in the US, on track (5)

27 Levied for releases, right away (4)

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