Comic needs confidence trick

Nick Doody: Hypocrite **

Pleasance, Baby Grand

NICK DOODY did not appear happy as he walked on to the stage at the Pleasance Baby Grand.

Although there was a reasonable house, the entire front row was empty, isolating him from his audience. As the rain battered on the flimsy roof of the Portakabin, Doody began, already drenched in sweat in the ill-ventilated venue.

The show is called Hypocrite because this is how Doody feels as a comedian making jokes at the expense of things he would find serious in everyday life.

He refers back to this topic several times, mentioning moments when he is aware that what he's talking about really shouldn't be funny, but is.

He has a point and gets a few laughs, but his self-awareness becomes wearing. Doody is better when he just gets on with it.

Nervousness caused him problems during the first half, resulting in some uncomfortable pauses between jokes and a lack of fluidity. As time went on, however, Doody gained confidence and everything became smoother.

A little more confidence from the start and this show could be great stand-up that is gentle but effective.

• Until August 27

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