Comedy review: Marcel Lucont

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MARCEL Lucont is very French. Unbelievably French. He is enjoying our Festival (apparently we are "OK" as an audience) but hating our mild cheddar. His petit spectacle starts with accordion and cancan, before Lucont comes on, a saturnine presence with lips made to sneer when they are, of course, not wrapped around the rim of a glass of red wine. Which they are, frequently.

He starts with a few personal details about himself, then has a go at both English and Scots, and after that shares some "found humour" from London.

All of this is delivered in a manner that makes Alan Rickman's Professor Snape look like Michael McIntyre. It is vraiment trs amusant.

Lucont is something of an author and reads from his latest oeuvre Moi – a memoir – of how he lost his virginity and why he gets aroused at funerals. Unfortunately, the juicy bits he only reads to himself – which is in itself very funny.

He also shares his love of watching "random acts of misguided kindness go horribly wrong" and his attack – in words and song – on Hostile English Towns (with special and hilarious reference to Plymouth) is very entertaining. Trs bon, Marcel. Encore!

Until 30 August. Today 10:20pm.

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