Comedy review: Die Roten Punkte

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WHO would have believed that respite from the stand-up onslaught would come in the form of a pseudo-German post-punk/electro/rock band? But it does. Die Roten Punkte, dysfunctional siblings Otto (guitars and keytar) and Astrid (drums, cowbell and mini squeezebox) Rot, are The Red Dots, Jack and Meg's clownish alter egos and a pitch-perfect pop parody. They're so convincing I'm not sure I'll ever be able to take pop star posturing seriously ever again.

This is irredeemably silly stuff but it still manages to transcend its status as novelty musical schtick. How come? It's the songs, which are good enough to make you forget that it's a spoof. The gags are obvious and gentle and that only made me like them more. It's nice to be reminded that comedy doesn't have to be at anyone's expense (nope, pop stars don't count) and real laughs can come from a well struck cymbal.

There are plenty of homages – The White Stripes, Nick Cave, even the Stones – and some middle-of-the-road balladry, a dollop of Krautrock and even a bit of Kylie. It's all delivered deadpan in wonky accents that slip as the gig goes on, and although the banter between sweet but troubled Otto and his vodka-swigging sibling could be tightened up, a cuter pair of popsters you'll never find. An encore of Super Musikant (say the last syllable out loud in your best comedy German accent) left the audience whooping and hollering just like they would for Jack and Meg. If there's a fan club, I'm joining.


Until 31 August. Today 11:11pm.