Comedy review: Barbershopera

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ON THE back of the programme for this endlessly inventive new show, the four stars, Lara Stubbs, Mark Hole, Rob Castell and Tom Green, offer themselves as a cappella guns for hire.

"We can perform material from Barbershopera as well as classic barbershop standards. We are also happy to parody the lyrics of our songs. If you are interested, or if you are Cameron Mackintosh, please get in touch with Rob Castell on 07723 354734."

OK, two things. One: if you can't get a ticket for one of Barbershopera's remaining Edinburgh shows, it would definitely be worth clubbing together with a few friends and hiring them out for an evening. They're really that good. Two: Cameron Mackintosh, if you're reading this, please give Rob a call. I promise you won't regret it, and neither will the Great British Public.

As with all the best musicals, the concept behind Barbershopera is simplicity itself. An all-male barbershop quartet are preparing for the prestigious Eurovision Barbershop Contest in Ljubljana when their soprano, Toni, walks out on them. The three remaining members are beside themselves with despair, until they stumble across a feisty female opera singer who has just lost her job at the Royal Opera House. After some initial misgivings, the unlikely foursome agree to work together and travel to Slovenia to take on a deeply sinister Swiss team, who have dominated the event for years with their flawless four-part harmonies and comedy strap-on facial hair.

What ensues is a feast of frenetic ridiculousness and technically superb singing.

Until 25 August. Today 9.50pm