Brits fine with divorce; won’t change teabag brand

Many Britons always buy the same brands of food and drink. Picture: Phil Wilkinson

Many Britons always buy the same brands of food and drink. Picture: Phil Wilkinson


Three-quarters of Britons are creatures of habit who regularly have the same thing for breakfast, go to bed at the same time – and even insist on using the same mug.

Researchers found a large number of people feel trapped in a cycle of the same routines and schedules because they are reluctant to make small changes to their everyday life or leave their “comfort zone”.

It also emerged that many always buy the same brands of food and drink, frequent the same takeaway restaurant and shop at the same stores.

Almost three in ten even went so far as to admit they were scared to try new things. The study, carried out by Clipper Teas, also found that almost six in ten actively avoid change.

Life coach Amanda Brown said: “We stick with what we know for a number of reasons: it’s easy, we feel safe and secure, or we simply don’t imagine anything different to what we already have.

“Change is a word that seems to strike fear in people, when actually, change is a really positive thing. We find big changes in life easier to tackle than small changes because we approach them in different ways.

“Big changes are often the result of us wanting something different – a new job, house, car or a relationship. We find it easier to change things if we don’t like something because we can see pleasure in the change.”

She added: “Trying something new doesn’t mean we lose the comfort zone, it just means we’re giving something a go, and it’s only by trying it first that we can decide if we like it or not.”

The study of 2,000 Britons found that 74 per cent feel like every day is Groundhog Day, with nine in ten adults saying they often follow the same routines every single day.

Despite this, 59 per cent go out of their way to avoid change.

And while just under half of respondents said they like to stick with what they know, 32 per cent worry about what would happen if they mixed things up a little.

Researchers also found hairstyles are the things Britons are least likely to change – with one in five admitting they have not had a new hairstyle for a decade.

Hair colour, breakfast choices, the mug used for tea and what time to go to bed are also among the top things Britons are reluctant to change.

However, it seems that people are much more at ease with making big life-changing decisions, with the results showing Britons are twice as likely to have dumped their partner in the past ten years as they are to have changed their brand of teabag.

And while a fifth of respondents have changed jobs in the past ten years, just one in ten has tried a new moisturiser.


Top ten small changes Britons avoid:

1 Hairstyle

2 Hair colour

3 What I have for breakfast

4 The mug I use

5 What time I usually go to bed

6 The brands of food and drink I buy

7 The takeaway restaurant I use

8 When I do my shopping

9 The brand of teabags I use

10 When I have a cup of tea




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