Ian Rankin reveals thieves stole road sign

Scots author Ian Rankin has a street named after him in Fife. Picture: Ian Rutherford

Scots author Ian Rankin has a street named after him in Fife. Picture: Ian Rutherford


CRIME writer Ian Rankin has revealed that thieves have repeatedly stolen a road sign bearing his name for sale to collectors on the internet.

Fife Council named a new housing development Ian Rankin Court in honour of the 53-year-old’s Cardenden birthplace.

But the Rebus author has said individuals have frequenly stolen the sign at the entrance to the development because of its popularity with fans.

He told a magazine at the weekend: “Apparently, the real sign keeps getting stolen and the person who nicks it keeps putting it on eBay, and it’s cheaper for them to buy back the stolen sign than make a new one!”

The development was built by Brenton Homes, with prices originally ranging from £119,000 to £250,000.

Rankin – who has sold 30 million novels – joked: “I was really surprised at how expensive property has become. I’m kind of being priced out the market in the street named after me.”

The father-of-two also revealed that when a special Rebus beer was launched in 2007 it came with a mystery ingredient.

He said he asked the brewers if they could use blood, but was told it was against the rules.

He said: “To celebrate 20 years of my fictional detective Rebus, the Caledonian Brewery in Edinburgh invited me along and we made a special beer with a mystery ingredient, which was sold for a limited period in local pubs and off licences.

“The bottled beer had the slogan, ‘Go on, murder a pint’. Now I can reveal that the mystery ingredient was fresh ginger.

“I half-jokingly asked the brewers if it could be blood but they said they couldn’t do that for health and safety reasons.”


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