Andy Murray kidnapped by gangster in new advert

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ANDY Murray faced his toughest opponent yet after being kidnapped by a gangster in a new advert.

The tennis ace and rival Novak Djokovic are held hostage and ordered to play the greatest match ever.

A flash American gangster brings the pair to his mansion and demands they play as a present for his daughter’s birthday.

The pair starred in the ad for tennis racket maker Head, who sponsor both players.

They are shown with hoods over the heads being driven through a desert by two gangland heavies.

The Grand Slam champions are then bundled out of the car and confronted by the cigar-chomping crime boss at his outdoor pool.

He tells them: “I’m sorry about this little inconvenience but it’s my little girl’s birthday.

“I thought wouldn’t it be a nice surprise for you two to play a match for her.

“There will be a match for the entertainment of this kid now.

“You better make sure it’s the ultimate match.”

The tennis stars, both 27, are threatened with being placed in a cement mixer if they don’t go through with the match.

However, the little girl is unimpressed with her birthday present and complains: “Daddy, who are these guys? I wanted Maria Sharapova.”

After playing for three hours, Murray and Djokovic make their getaway after the crime lord is distracted when his dog runs away with ball.

At the end of the three minute clip, which went live online today, Murray acts as a getaway driver but Djokovic tells him: “Andy, come on, you drive like my grandma.”

Murray and Serbian Djokovic are set to play at the French Open which starts next week.




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