14 Tony Kearney

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Actor, 31

Lives Glasgow.

Who he? Best known as Scott Wallace, the graphic designer in BBC Scotland’s twice-weekly soap, River City. Tony’s having a great time portraying this character, and tips us off that there is some high drama ahead that is sure to keep us glued to the series for the foreseeable future. But Tony is no stranger to the small screen. He was in the Gaelic soap Machair for six years and has made guest appearances on Taggart. Or perhaps you recognise his voice from numerous plays on Radio 4? According to Tony, this year has been "the fastest in my life" - namely because he has been out and about at "far too many parties".

Conquests As luck would have it, he has fared far better on screen than off. "Scott has been enjoying a torrid, rampant love life, so I’ve been living life vicariously through him."

Haunts Barra, visiting his mum. Back in the Central Belt, favourite coffee shops include Glasgow’s Caf Gandolfi and Little Italy for some serious engine oil.

Pluses He employs a personal trainer and is well en route to acquiring a six-pack.

Minuses Unpack your sunscreen, he’s thinking about selling his Florida holiday home.

Do Say, "Amor y amistad." Florida might not be on the cards, but how does the Costa del Sol take you? Tony takes Spanish classes twice a week, with the long-term plan of moving to sunny Spain.

Don’t Pay your cat more attention than him. He’s not impressed with people who treat their pets like humans.

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