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Life and Style

Swapping some carbs for protein may lead to long-lasting weight control

THE Dukan. The Atkins. The tapeworm, champagne and paleo. Every year brings its own new diet plans that claim to have finally found the key to effective, long-lasting weight-loss.

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Gardens Works: Jo Whittingham

Our warm, wet spring has brought many plants into bloom early and the best way to keep this display going into summer is to cut each head as it fades to encourage more flowers.

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World's first fashion hotel set for city opening

IT is so exclusive, even the staff will be wearing Italian designer outfits.

Life & Style

OWING to the recession and the rising cost of newsprint, we have reluctantly decided to cease publication of our Life & Style section which formerly appeared on Thursdays.

Sarah Howden: London lights shine brighter as we're on the road to ruin

WHEN two of my closest friends left the Capital in favour of the bright lights of London, they always vowed to come home one day. It was only a temporary move, they promised.

Sarah Howden: There's no hiding it, credit crunch or not a girl's just got to shop

I HAVE taken to hiding my shopping bags. In the boot of the car, under the bed, at the back of the wardrobe – I've even resorted to stashing the odd couple behind the curtains. And, when the coast is finally clear, my little purchases are quickly brought out, messed up so they look "used", with the tags put through the shredder.

Dolls help to fashion success for Niki

WHILE most little girls would be content playing with their dolls, venturing to Toys Galore or Jenners's toy department for new outfits and playing dress-up with the miniature ensembles, Niki Taylor from Livingston went one better.

Landmark show gets party season started at Jenners

AS the lights went down in the grand hall and the chatter and clinking of champagne flutes turned to silence, the atmosphere was suddenly tense. Eager faces – from shoppers, Edinburgh personalities such as Grant Stott, Arlene Stewart and Boogie, through to national style experts from Grazia and Heat – turned to the catwalk as the music blared out. The long-awaited Jenners fashion show had begun.

Sarah Howden: Celebs have forgotten sisterhood rules about avoiding married men

OH, how I used to like you, Angelina. Cool, edgy and non-conformist, you were the antithesis of the girlie girl. But you had your morals and your beliefs. Then along came Brad.

Sarah Howden: Salvage the wreckage of Kerry's Katona's car crash TV

LIKE Britney's infamous head shaving episode last year, everyone is talking about Kerry Katona and that performance on ITV1's This Morning last week.

Straight lace look that's goth the lot

FROM lashings of lace in everything from dainty doily style to dramatic cobweb knits, and black on black to maxi lengths and high necks, soft goth has most definitely made a resurgence in fashion.

Hidden Gems: Cargo

LOCATED at the bottom of the Millennium Link canal, Cargo is now home to the city's young, hip crowd looking for an antidote to the George Street overdose of late and the hustle and bustle that goes with it. And from polished black furniture and leather booths to large glass panes, this destination is clearly hitting the spot, and is definitely a bar with style as opposed to one of the myriad of samey style bars.

Recessionistas in fashion

AS iconic IT bags from the likes of Louis Vuitton, Prada, Mulberry, Christian Dior, Burberry and Dolce & Gabanna jostle for attention, you would be forgiven for assuming that you'd walked into a Thistle Street designer boutique, or were spoilt for choice in the Harvey Nichols accessories department.

Getting the hump with a 'baby bump' is futile . . it's mother nature's way

WHEN your own mum asks you if you are with child, you know it's time to make changes. When she pats your stomach in the middle of Zara, looks all concerned and tells you it's okay to tell the truth, you know it's time to make those changes fast.

Curvy girl jo rewarded for TV snub

WHEN renowned retail consultant and TV presenter Mary Portas approached Jo Simpson to ask whether she'd like to appear in her acclaimed BBC2 television series Mary Queen of Shops the answer was an easy one: no. For the 30-year-old business consultant from Bonnington knew exactly what she needed to do. And how.

M&S range shows stylist is still in a field of her own

SHE has been hailed as one of fashion's great visionaries, and can count Ugly Betty and The Devil Wears Prada among her screen credits – as well as half of Hollywood. But it was her individual signature styling, her love of quirky accessories, Manolo Blahniks and glamorous fashion that propelled New York stylist Patricia Field to fame as the creative genius behind those iconic Sex And The City outfits. Now she's sexing up the high street – and Marks & Spencer – with an exclusive coll

Don't let the winter take its toll on your skin

WHILE cranking the thermostat up and hibernating in the warmth sounds all too appealing, whether we stay indoors or brave the unforgiving elements, the cold weather will still take its toll.

How designer Anne can add £££s to your house value

ANNE HUNTER is into appearances. Big time. To her, first impressions count – in fact, they can make or break you . . . in the Edinburgh property market, at least.

Men are in short supply but that's no excuse for springing the parent trap

HOSPITAL waiting rooms are boring places. Time stands still, the meagre selection of well-thumbed magazines are seriously out of date and everyone seems to be seen ahead of you.

Hidden Gems: The Macdonald Marine Hotel

AFTER a £13.5 million revamp, the Macdonald Marine Hotel in North Berwick is now an imposing and luxurious establishment.

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