Lesley Riddoch

Lesley Riddoch

Lesley Riddoch: Salmond's all-or-something dilemma

Does the SNP stick to total independence, or has Jim Sillars opened the door to a fudge?

Lesley Riddoch: Lack of ideological debate something of a relief

This campaign has contained the usual features, except party dogma has been missing

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Lesley Riddoch: Popular SNP but unpopular policies

The SNP seems to be out of touch with what the public wants but strangely, its popularity has increased

Lesley Riddoch: Importance of being the opposition

On 5 MAY voters will decide the shape of the next Scottish Government. They will also - by default - elect a new Scottish opposition.

Lesley Riddoch: Swithering voters seek certainties

The electorate seems unsure about what is reasonable to ask of Scotland, and so do the party leaders

Lesley Riddoch: The epidemic hospitals can't cure

Pouring money into A&Es stops the NHS tackling chronic problems that are sure to worsen

Lesley Riddoch: Courage in the wake of the storm

Nuclear will be the only choice for energy needs unless all parties give tidal power a chance

Lesley Riddoch: TV fails to deliver the bigger picture

Educated viewers demand more than just dramatic images to inform their view of world events

Lesley Riddoch: Giving tongue to the vexed question of our language

The census will ask a big question about Scots, the language lots of us don't really speak, especially when there are strangers about

Lesley Riddoch: Jacking up an argument for change

Jack McConnell must be wishing he'd stuck the boot into Scottish Labour's crowning glory years ago. The former first minister has put forward a ten-point plan for overhauling the Scottish Parliament and suggests a cross-party group should consider it over the summer.

Lesley Riddoch: Just a question of time for Scotland

David Dimbleby may not fancy Glasgow but the nation is quite capable of hosting its own show

Lesley Riddoch: We shouldn't let the politicians make their own rules

With a turnout threshold proposed for the AV referendum, Scots should take the 1979 devolution vote as a warning from history

Lesley Riddoch: ConDem cuts can cause memory loss

Budgets on a par with 2001, before spending went stratospheric, sounds good but delivers nothing

Lesley Riddoch: Forest of rules that stops people building a future

Time to borrow a leaf from our neighbours' woods and demand the right to own, live and work on our land

Lesley Riddoch: Disdain for learning foreign languages and desire for everyone to speak English is holding the UK back

News that more German students might be heading to Scotland has mercifully failed to produce the usual crop of weary war jokes.

Lesley Riddoch: Don't sell yourself short Mrs Sheridan

Gail v George will be a clash of something, but it won't do the politics of the left any favours

Lesley Riddoch: The dominance of football- it's just not cricket, is it?

Scots love to ridicule England's national game - but at least down south they are actually winnners in their chosen sport

Lesley Riddoch: Making a meal of biometric 'threat'

It's fast and it's fair. It can't be stolen or faked. It saves cash for schools and saves face for deprived kids. So why the outcry by prominent Scots over the use of fingerprint recognition instead of cash to pay for school meals?

Lesley Riddoch: Unlikely coalition fighting bang-'em-up Britain

What do Ken Clarke and Kenny MacAskill have in common - apart from Christian names? Well, the unlikely Starsky and Hutch of prison reform have become the surprise political survivors of 2010.

Lesley Riddoch: Broad band of communication breakdown

ALEX Salmond believes there was no need for his transport minister to resign after last week's M8 fiasco, but concedes that information "did not get out" as it should and that "more could have been done in terms of communications". That is truly the understatement of this young decade.

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