Lee Randall

Lee Randall

City centred art: Capital treasures go on display at City Art Centre

Many of Scotland's best-loved paintings belong not to the nation but the citizens of Edinburgh, who will soon get a rare chance to see many of them gathered in one exhibition space

The Avengers: when vengeance got groovy

Fifty years ago, in 1961, The Avengers first appeared on TV, a series that went on to define a decade with spy action, kinky outfits, and a dollop of British eccentricity

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Portrait of the artist: Putting a face to great artistic works

Have you ever admired a work of art on a gallery wall and wanted to put a face to the artist? If so, there's a new exhibition in Edinburgh just for you

TV reviews: Jamie's Best Ever Christmas | Christmas with Gordon | Nigel Slater's Simple Suppers

JAMIE'S BEST EVER CHRISTMAS Channel 4 Monday and Tuesday, 9pm CHRISTMAS WITH GORDON (Pt 1) Channel 4 Wednesday, 8pm NIGEL SLATER'S SIMPLE SUPPERS BBC2 Wednesday, 7.05pm

Interview: David Grossman - Give Shalom a chance

David Grossman's novel on Israel's troubles is informed by his son's frontline death. He tells LEE RANDALL why he still believes in peace

Lee Randall: Snout wrong with a new nose even if you picked it yourself

ONE OF the central plot points of Tamara Drewe, the Posy Simmonds' graphic novel that is about to be released as a film, is the eponymous character's nose job. It's a classic "But Miss Jones! You're beautiful!" moment, for afterwards, well, afterwards, she's Gemma Arterton.

Lee Randall: The misery and ecstasy of falling in love with August all over again

WEATHER aside, this is one of my favourite times of year to live in Edinburgh. It is a tremendous privilege to reside in the city playing host to such a wealth of eccentricity, talent and outright insanity. It feels, though I'll whisper it, a bit like being back in New York City.

The scent of things to come: Searching for the perfect perfume

Setting sail on a voyage of scented discovery, searching for the perfect fragrance is as much a gut feeling as what goes on inside your nose, but expert advice can make the whole process a positive pleasure with the perfect pong at the end, finds Lee Randall

Lee Randall: I don't like the capital's new Buddha belly look one little bit

THOSE of you who are reading this and who are based in Edinburgh will have noticed that there are a lot of extra bodies floating around town. OK, not floating, so much as careening off each other like greasepainted skittles.

Interview: Stewart Lee, comic

Ever wonder how a comic constructs an act? How they layer and time riffs to generate laughs or howls of outrage? If so, you're in luck. In How I Escaped My Certain Fate, Stewart Lee offers the ultimate insider's guide to the process.

Lee Randall: How a condition called Shopping Fat ends in a Wardrobe of Despair

MOST things in my life defy logic. This is highly ironic, since I consider myself ultra-rational - except when I'm ultra-emotional.

Interview: Mark Watson - Man of letters

Stand-up Mark Watson tells LEE RANDALL how a neat Scrabble move inspired his third novel

Interview: Roddy Martine, photographer

RODDY Martine is a familiar face on the Edinburgh scene, thanks, in a large part, to a career that's found him editing, or writing for publications such as The Scotsman, The Edinburgh Evening News, The Herald, The Sunday Times, and Scottish Field, to name just a few.

Lee Randall: Communication breakdown isn't what it used to be

TECHNOLOGICALLY SPEAKING, I'm more of a late bloomer than an early adopter. So I'm just getting around to Skype.

Interview: Robin Ince, the bad book guru

He talks fast, but Robin Ince thinks even faster. Midway through a sentence he leaps two ahead, but such is his intelligence that he never loses his train of thought. If you're on his wavelength, you'll find he makes perfect sense, even if he veers wildly off the topic of his latest book.

Lee Randall: I may have hatched elsewhere but this bird is cuckoo for Scotland

AS The Beatles put it, there are places I remember all my life - places that I have fallen in love with, though not always at first sight.

Lee Randall: Blood, sweat and breasts galore but we still can't let 'em dangle

THOSE who follow me on Twitter (@randallwrites) know I'm a fan of Bravo's smut-and-gore-fest show Spartacus.

Lee Randall: A novel idea that loses the plot for the over-reader

IN THE same way that Lorelei Lee was always looking for new places to wear diamonds, this Lee is always looking for new places to stow books. If there was a 12-step programme for my addiction – oh what am I saying, I'd never join. Nothing on earth would compel me to stand before a room full of red-eyed obsessives and proclaim: "Hello. My name is Lee, and I'm a compulsive over-reader."

Lee Randall: Band together as sisters in cellulite

SO VANESSA Feltz has gone and had herself fitted with a gastric band, in order to lose roughly four or five stone.

Lee Randall: A novel idea that loses the plot for the over-reader

IN THE same way that Lorelei Lee was always looking for new places to wear diamonds, this Lee is always looking for new places to stow books.

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