Support for Hezbollah in government

Lebanon's Druze leader Walid Jumblatt said yesterday his group would support Hezbollah ahead of parliamentary talks on Monday to pick a new prime minister.

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Hezbollah in spy device allegation

Lebanon's militant Hezbollah group has said it discovered an Israeli device spying on its private telecommunications network.

Lebanon courts Iran to avert turmoil

LEBANON'S premier Saad Hariri has expressed concerns for stability in the Middle East on a visit to Tehran.

International news: Lebanon

SEEKING to brush off its political troubles and burnish its reputation for good living, Lebanon claimed a record for the world's biggest glass of wine yesterday.

Fears of al-Qaeda forging links in Lebanon

"IT'S going to be us and al-Qaeda against Hezbollah." Sitting in a disused warehouse in the Bab-al-Tebbaneh district of Tripoli, a Sunni fighter explains how the ad-hoc militia that he helped command in the recent fighting are preparing for the future.

Lebanon deal averts civil war

RIVAL Lebanese leaders signed a deal yesterday to end 18 months of political conflict that had threatened to push the country to a new civil war.

Hezbollah selects successor to slain commander and vows retaliation

THE militant Hezbollah group has appointed a successor to its top commander, Imad Mughniyeh, who was killed in a car-bomb blast last week in Syria.

Fears of violence as Lebanese president's exit leaves vacuum

LEBANESE Prime Minister Fouad Siniora yesterday called for calm amid fears of a resurgence of violence from Iran and Syria-backed Hezbollah in a growing power vacuum.

Hailstones set off unexploded cluster bombs

LEBANON'S first hailstorm of the season was a blessing in disguise for cluster bomb-infested southern parts of the country - setting off series of blasts yesterday from previously unexploded bomblets. No injuries were reported.

'Progress' in Lebanon-Israel swap

HEZBOLLAH leader Hassan Nasrallah said last night there was "positive progress" in negotiations to swap two Israeli soldiers captured last year for Lebanese prisoners.

Lebanon hit by election boycott

LEBANON'S session of parliament to elect a new president was postponed to 23 October yesterday, as it did not have a two-thirds quorum.

Army routs militants in Lebanese refugee camp

LEBANESE troops yesterday seized control of a Palestinian refugee camp where they had been battling militants for more than three months, killing at least 31 fleeing fighters, security sources said.

Hamas joy at US 'failure' as key Abbas man quits

A PALESTINIAN strongman who was the linchpin of American policy towards Gaza for more than a decade had to step down in disgrace yesterday over last month's victory by Hamas over his troops.

UN peacekeepers die in bomb blast

FOUR Spanish United Nations peacekeepers were killed and three wounded by a roadside bomb that hit their patrol in south Lebanon yesterday.

Army emerges as Lebanon's best shot for unity as institutions crumble amid rising tensions

WITH the Lebanese government mired in political crisis, parliament unable to meet and sectarian tensions rising, many of the country's institutions are slowly crumbling away.

Israel hit by fresh rocket attacks

MILITANTS in Lebanon fired at least two rockets into Israel, causing no casualties and little damage, but raising the possibility of a new flare-up on the volatile border.

Hamas marches on in name of Islam

HAMAS fighters captured the most important security compound in Gaza City yesterday as the fundamentalist movement comprehensively routed Fatah forces loyal to the moderate president, Mahmoud Abbas.

The uphill struggle of Mahmoud Abbas

WITH Gaza poised on the brink of civil war, pity poor Mahmoud Abbas, who took over as president of the Palestinian Authority two and a half years ago, after the death of Yasser Arafat. An academic by profession, Abbas has tried mightily to lead the Palestinian people with civility, adherence to democratic principles and public disdain for violence.

Lebanese troops and militants in bloody clashes at refugee camp

HEAVY fighting raged yesterday between Lebanese troops and al-Qaeda-inspired militants at a Palestinian refugee camp, the battleground for Lebanon's bloodiest internal violence since the civil war.

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