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Audi RS6: You’re Avant a laugh

WITH performance figures to make your Porsche-owning neighbour very nervous and haunches as wide as the Clyde, the Audi RS6 Avant is about as far removed from the staid image of estate cars as it’s possible to get. Yes, you probably could fit a grandfather clock in the back for an Antiques Show rendezvous with Fiona Bruce, but the Audi is built to warp time, not transport it.

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Gerald Warner: Castro and Marxism won most from the Cuban missile crisis

ARMAGEDDON, with the ­courtesy of four minutes’ warning: that was the prospect facing the world 50 years ago, as the Cuban missile crisis threatened thermonuclear war on a scale that experts today believe would have cost more than 200 million lives.


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Tributes paid as former MP and MSP Donald Gorrie dies

TRIBUTES have been paid to one of Edinburgh’s longest-serving politicians who died at the weekend.

Tributes paid as former MP and MSP Donald Gorrie dies

TRIBUTES have been paid to one of Edinburgh’s longest-serving politicians who died at the weekend.


Care home boss jumped out on colleague naked

A CARE home manager who got drunk and flashed his nipple before jumping out of a bathroom naked in front of one of his colleagues has been struck off the official register.

Summer washout may cost Scottish economy million

THE summer washout is set to cost the Scottish economy tens of millions of pounds, experts claimed today as forecasters warned of more heavy rain and possible flooding this weekend.

Church of Scotland General Assembly update: poor being hit hardest by austerity measures

THE morning of the first full day of business at the General Assembly was dominated by the Church and Society Council report, which saw the departing convener, the Rev Ian Galloway, attack the Westminster Government’s deficit reduction as punishing the poorest parts of society “out of all proportion.”


Brian Monteith: Osborne must forget Lib Dems and cut tax

As the March budget fast approaches the Chancellor is having to face up to problems he thought he had avoided. Here’s a wee list in case you need reminding:

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Leader: The right of choice

AS  WE reveal today, Alex Salmond appears to be seeking a compromise deal on his party’s plans to introduce gay marriage in Scotland.

Leader: Momentous year draws to a close

IN THE world of newsgathering, some years bump along seemingly without much ado, while others seem to cram a decade’s worth of momentous events into 12 scant months.

Leader: Wha’s like us...the Glasgow Subway

GLASGOW’S subway system, fondly known as the Clockwork Orange, celebrated its 115th birthday last week.

Leader: There is much Scotland can do without a UK jobs ‘summit’

LATEST unemployment figures for Scotland have delivered a double blow. The first is the severity of increase – a rise of 25,000 to 229,000 in the August-October quarter, taking the jobless rate up to 8.5 per cent.

Leader: Time for some restraint at the tills

IT IS increasingly hard these days to find good news. So the fact that John Lewis stores had record sales last week, up by 2 per cent on its previous record, is unexpectedly cheering.

Leader: An eco-friendly superhighway

THE SNP’s pledge to dual the A9 and A96 by 2025 at an eventual cost of about £2.5 billion was greeted with much delight by road users in northern Scotland and with a lot of newspaper headlines and praise.


Leader: Salmond has his own answers to provide over EU veto

WITH Britain now, as the headlines say, isolated within the European Union, where does that leave Scotland? This, essentially, is the question that First Minister Alex Salmond has posed David Cameron.


Leader: A defining moment

HISTORY’S verdict on David Cameron’s handling of Friday’s historic EU summit in Brussels is likely to be harsh and unforgiving.


Leader: Cameron must ensure Britain still has a voice in Europe

THE United Kingdom’s relationship with the European Union has always been uneasy and uncomfortable. Not part of the original European Economic Community, denied entry by General Charles de Gaulle in the 1960s, and joining only after a fractious referendum which divided the political parties, under governments of both left and right the UK has been in, but not of, Europe.


Leader: SNP’s bold vision would be just the job – in Dreamland

FOR reasons both immediate and longer-term, Scotland urgently needs an infrastructure programme. For this to lift business confidence, attract investment and galvanise momentum and support, it needs to strike a credible balance between boldness, achievability and immediate practical benefit.


Leader: No time for the never-never

FOR some time now this newspaper has been in agreement with both the SNP’s John Swinney and the Labour party’s Ed Balls that Britain – and particularly Scotland, given this country’s economic sluggishness – needs a Plan B.

Leader: In the Old Town, choose your words carefully

WHEN in the company of architects and planners, never say “pastiche”. Deployment of the word has sparked an almighty row that threatens to derail progress on a major development in the centre of Edinburgh’s Old Town.

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