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Law and Order

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OAP’s murder may have been botched robbery

DETECTIVES investigating the murder of 
Ronnie Simpson are probing whether the killing of the frail pensioner was a 
“robbery gone wrong”.

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Prison should not be used routinely for short-term sentences - Kenny MacAskill

Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill has said prisons should not be “routinely used for short-term prisoners”.


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Cop sues over fear of sirens

A FORMER police officer is suing the Lothian and Borders force, claiming a training exercise left her scared of sirens.

Border Agency chief suspended amid claims passport checks were dropped

HOME Secretary Theresa May has launched an independent inquiry into the UK border force amid claims that guards dropped passport checks for non-EU nationals in an attempt to cope with staff shortages at busy times.

Sex abuse trial for politician’s brother

THE brother of Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams is to be extradited to Northern Ireland to stand trial on allegations that he sexually abused his daughter.

Police were right to sack sex offender's brother rules judge

EMPLOYMENT tribunal judges were "blinkered" to let a police worker keep his job after he withheld information over the disappearance of his sex offender brother, a judge has ruled.

Prosecutors name top team

A NEW crack team has been named to prosecute the most serious crimes in the High Court of Scotland.

Moat inquest calls for expert on Taser use

An EXPERT on electrical injury is being sought to give evidence at the inquest into the death of shotgun killer Raoul Moat who was tasered by police, a coroner has said.

Leader: 'Mr Salmond needs to pick his fights more carefully'

ALEX Salmond came under fire twice this week over claims he abused the power of his new SNP majority when he waded into two separate legal matters.

Salmond refuses to apologise over 'personal' attacks on legal figures

The First Minister came under pressure from opposition leaders today to apologise for his "crass personal attack" on leading Scottish legal figures.

Week's wait for decision on retrial for Nat Fraser

A BUSINESSMAN whose conviction for murdering his estranged wife was ruled unsafe will have to wait at least another week to learn if he will face a retrial.

'People stay until they can be rescued or they break free'

MORE children are being trafficked into Scotland than official figures suggest, a senior police officer has warned.

Sex slavery

THE arrest of Anna Passova at Stansted Airport in 2006, lifted the lid on a Europe-wide trafficking operation originating in a small Romanian town.

Scots justice branded too slow to safeguard trafficked children

VULNERABLE children and adults being trafficked into Scotland for abuse and exploitation are being failed by a criminal justice system that is too slow, a key figure has warned.

John Robertson: Fraser may face retrial as case returns to Scotland

Luke Mitchell's case is becoming a mirror image of the Nat Fraser appeal, which is at the heart of the storm over the role of the London-based Supreme Court in Scottish law.

Judges block Luke Mitchell's appeal to Supreme Court

Convicted killer Luke Mitchell has been refused leave to take his attempt to have his conviction overturned to the UK's highest court.

Figures show SNP reached policing target in last parliament

Justice secretary Kenny MacAskill today welcomed the news that his party had fulfilled its pledge to recruit 1,000 extra police officers but said organisational to Scotland's policing structures was still on the cards.

Supreme Court Scots law team 'must talk to practising lawyers'

A LEADING QC has hit out at the Scottish Government's choice of legal experts tasked with deciding the future relationship between Scots law and the Supreme Court.

Legal Disquiet

A LEADING Scottish Labour lawyer has spoken out against the Supreme Court decision to overturn Nat Fraser's sentence, claiming it was never the intention that the UK court could have a say on individual criminal cases.

Society president raises fears of 'unrefined legislation' if politicians fail to listen to each other in parliament

THE new president of the Law Society of Scotland has accused the Scottish Government of over-reacting to judgments from the Supreme Court.

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