Land reform

Land reform

Shouting match over minister's 'no'

THE debate on crofting reform descended into chaos during voting on one of the amendments to the bill.

Chaotic scenes as crofting reform voted in

A MOVE to scrap plans for a map-based register of every croft in Scotland was voted down by MSPs yesterday.

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MSPs close loophole to save crofting land from speculators

A LEGAL loophole which may have been used by speculators to purchase crofting land will be closed following a decision by MSPs.

£100 a month levy plan for crofts left vacant

ABSENTEE crofters should be made to pay an annual £1,200 fee for not living on the land, with the money used to help others start up, MSPs will be told today.

Crofting body 'should be scrapped' after half a century, says professor

THE body set up to oversee and develop crofting should be wound up after more than 50 years, a radical report published yesterday recommends.

Landowner who lost fight to ban ramblers may appeal

A MILLIONAIRE landowner who lost his battle to ban ramblers from his 70-acre Scottish estate may appeal against the court ruling, it was revealed yesterday.

Bannockburn battle over right to roam

Millionaire ordered to unblock paths as estate near historic conflict becomes land reform test

Crofting future threatened as young desert the land

THE future of crofting is under threat because it is too expensive and not enough young people are interested in taking over their family crofts.

Croft carve-ups in focus after order to re-let Skye plots

CROFTING, which is essentially small-scale farming on a part-time basis in the more remote areas of Scotland, has always been tenuous as a commercial proposition.

Croft owners told land must be farmed

THE owners of a croft in Skye have been told to come up with plans to bring the land back into crofting use in a move seen as a test case in the battle to prevent sites being neglected or sold.

Crofts 'being priced out of locals' reach'

INCREASING demand and high prices are putting crofts out of the reach of local people, an inquiry into the future of crofting has found.

Landowner wants to ban public from 23,000 acres (so they won't be eaten by his wolves and bears)

A MILLIONAIRE landowner plans to ban ramblers from his Scottish estate once he opens a wildlife park, in the biggest challenge yet to the right to roam legislation.

Lamb-in-a-box to stop crofters being fleeced

IT IS a far cry from boil-in-the-bag. Hebridean crofters are offering online shoppers a £100 "lamb-in-a-box" in an effort to bypass the supermarkets.

Army base purchase shows 'right to buy' applies to more than just crofts

COMRIE Development Trust has completed its purchase of the former Cultybraggan army camp from the Ministry of Defence (MoD) - using the community right-to-buy provisions of the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003. This is a major breakthrough, which brings a great sense of achievement not just to the local community but to all proponents of the community right-to-buy legislation.

Ma ane Heilan' hame

A CRACKDOWN on absentee crofters - some living as far away as the US or Australia - has resulted in more new blood in the industry.

Call for right-to-buy change to beat crofting speculators

LANDOWNERS have called for a change to right-to-buy laws to stop speculators selling off croft land for housing.

Arran pinpointed as best area for testing new Croft Reform Act

HAROLD Macmillan, one of the more successful prime ministers of the 20th century, said his paternal grandfather was a crofter who left his native Arran to escape the drudge and poverty of toiling the land.

The people versus Lord Strathnaver

IT SOUNDS like no contest. On the one hand, a small crofting community who want to buy the land on which they live; on the other, one of Scotland's best-known landowners who doesn't want to sell.

Call to extend land right-to-buy laws

LAND-REFORM legislation should be extended to give some communities the absolute right to buy the land where they live and work regardless of whether the owner wishes to sell, according to a former government minister.

Two quit over board's running of community isles estate

AN ACRIMONIOUS split has developed in the company set up following Scotland's largest community buy-out, with two leading directors resigning in protest.

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