Laidlaw's charity donations

Laidlaw's charity donations

Tycoon Laidlaw to give away fortune

ONE of Scotland's richest men yesterday laid out plans to use his charitable foundation to give away his personal fortune.

Laidlaw plans to plough fortune into charity projects

SCOTLAND’S second richest man, Irvine Laidlaw, is planning to sell off his business and hand over around £20m a year to a new trust for good causes, it emerged last night

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Charity begins at home

IRVINE Laidlaw loves the high life. Most of the year, he lives in a luxury apartment in Monaco overlooking the harbour and the Royal Palace where, just a few days ago, the Prince celebrated his birthday with a fireworks display.

Top charities to join forces

SCOTLAND’S top three charity-givers are to join forces in an attempt to ensure the millions they donate to good causes are used to maximum effect.

'What else shall I do with my money?'

BY THE time the great Scots-born businessman Andrew Carnegie died in 1919, he had donated almost all his billion pound steel fortune to good causes, setting a precedent for philanthropy which has rarely been matched.

Youth project with a difference

JUST when the future for the voluntary sector looked more bleak than ever, comes news to inspire.

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