Labour's transport policy

Labour's transport policy

Protesters join forces to fight bus service cuts

CAMPAIGNERS are joining forces to make recent cutbacks in bus services a key issue at next year's local elections.

Trams could return to ease pressure to city's main stations

TRAMS could return to the streets of Glasgow under plans to relieve growth pressure at the two main railway stations.

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Tory hits out after strategy omits bridge

THE Scottish Executive's new national transport strategy has come under fire for making no mention of a new Forth Road Bridge.

Transport plan reveals crackdown on speeding but no Forth crossing

A NEW crackdown on speeding drivers that will include more average-speed cameras was announced by ministers yesterday to cut accidents and reduce carbon emissions on major routes.

Executive report backs plans for Scots road tolls

ROAD tolls and high speed rail links are at the heart of transport plans revealed today by the Scottish Executive.

Blueprint on transport to be unveiled

MINISTERS were today set to unveil a long-awaited 20-year blueprint for the country's transport infrastructure.

Quicker links is joined-up thinking

HOW often do we inadvertently eavesdrop mobile phone conversations on the train that start: "I'm running late ... pass on my apologies ... I'll be there as soon as I can"?

£10m transport scheme will ban cars from roads around schools

CAR-FREE zones around schools are to be piloted within two years as part of a £10 million Scottish Executive scheme to tackle the school run.

Question marks over transport plans

EXPERTS have questioned how a stretched budget is going to pay for a high speed rail link between Edinburgh and Glasgow as part of Scotland's most ambitious transport overhaul in a century.

Bullet train and road toll revolution

A REVOLUTION in Scotland's overloaded and outdated transport network is being planned by ministers, with the introduction of bullet trains and controversial road tolls.

Are we being taken for a ride?

IT IS the year 2025, and a businessman from East Kilbride is preparing to head to work in Edinburgh. He gets into his car before 7am, hoping to escape the maximum 80p per kilometre charge which comes with using the roads during rush hour. He heads to the rail station at Croy. Arriving there, he parks in the 2,000 capacity multi-storey car park and hops on board one of the regular trains to Edinburgh. Within 18 minutes, he is pulling into Waverley.

MSPs to ask for tax breaks in return for road charges

SCOTTISH ministers will next week challenge the Treasury to promise tax cuts to compensate rural Scots for the introduction of road charges of up to £1.20 a mile.

Road tolls in UK 'inevitable' to raise public transport cash

A SWEEPING review of UK transport policy today warned that toll charges on trunk roads and in cities were "inevitable" and put a high-speed rail link from Scotland to London on hold.

Train timetable shows major fare increases arriving soon

RAIL passengers travelling to and from Edinburgh are facing fare hikes of as much as 12 per cent in the new year.

So many projects at once - can Scotland cope?

SCOTLAND today stands on the brink of an infrastructure boom. Major transport projects now clamour for attention. Taken together, they could transform our society and economy, providing something akin to a China-style Great Leap Forward in connectivity and access.

You will never ride alone

Just who looks out for cyclists' interests? The largest cycling organisation in the UK, with 70,000 members, is the Cyclists' Touring Club (CTC) founded in 1878 as the Bicycle Touring Club.

BEAR to take on Executive road contract

THE firm responsible for maintaining Edinburgh's busiest roads has failed to win a new contract from the Scottish Executive.

Glasgow express rail link to be key pledge before polls

A NEW express rail link between Edinburgh and Glasgow is set to be one of the key transport pledges to be made by the current coalition in Holyrood ahead of next year's elections.

Road pricing to win study backing

PAY-AS-YOU-GO road charging will be backed in a study by Rod Eddington, the former BA chief executive, next month, it was claimed yesterday.

Scottish first for bus smartcards

SCOTLAND will be the first country in the world to have a national smartcard system to cut bus fare fraud, ministers announced yesterday as they launched a pilot of the delayed scheme.

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