Labour: five years in power

Labour: five years in power

Blair first leader to meet Bush since win

PRESIDENT George W Bush has rewarded Tony Blair for his staunch support during the war in Iraq by making him the first overseas leader he meets since his re-election.

Rich-poor gap wider since Blair took power

THE gap between rich and poor has widened since Tony Blair became Prime Minister, an influential think-tank revealed today.

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Child poverty target at risk says report

THE Government is at risk of failing to fulfil Chancellor Gordon Brown’s promise to half child poverty by the end of the decade.

Voters don't trust Blair, poll reveals

ALMOST two thirds of voters no longer trust Prime Minister Tony Blair, according to an opinion poll released today.

Poll deals Blair triple whammy as 46% call for him to go

THE time has come for Tony Blair to stand down, according to a poll which dealt him a triple blow last night. Most voters say the Prime Minister is no longer trustworthy, the Mori survey showed.

Is this the fag-end of Blair's regime?

TONY Blair came eye-to-eye with an unfamiliar world last week, as he found himself in the unprecedented position of having to explain himself to his country.

Labour MPs revolt on NHS plans

TONY Blair joined forces yesterday with Alan Milburn, the Health Secretary, to head off a huge revolt by Labour MPs over a flagship health policy.

Scots Labour members fail to give Gordon Brown full backing to succeed Blair

GORDON Brown’s ambition to become the next Prime Minister is today dealt a blow by a survey revealing almost 70% of Labour members in Scotland do not want him to succeed Tony Blair.

Anger over bonus for rail bosses

THERE was outrage last night that Britain’s rail chiefs are in line for massive pay bonuses.

Cook attacks ‘pager politics’

ROBIN Cook yesterday issued a direct challenge to the control freakery of New Labour, when he called on Downing Street to end its fixation with "pager politics" and questioned the right of the whips to dominate parliamentary proceedings.

Will Gordon Brown ever be PM?

FEW relationships in British politics have been the subject of such intrigue and speculation as that between Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.

A rose-red tint sits well on Britain’s cheek

THROUGHOUT the opposition years of the 1980s and early 1990s, Labour’s problem was not that people did not support its social objectives but that they thought the party could not be trusted economically.

New Labour and the myth of its own omnipotence

NO FANFARES for Tony Blair’s fifth birthday as Prime Minister. No jollies, no candles on the cake. Not with a week when May Day and the English local elections fall so close together, risking the painful contrast between the turnout of voters tomorrow and the turnout of protesters today.

Blair five years on: the plus and minus marks

TODAY marks five years in office for Tony Blair and New Labour. That matches the length of time it took Churchill’s victorious wartime administration to defeat Hitler. Or the time it took Attlee to construct the post-war welfare state or Edward Heath to take Britain into Europe. What, then, has Tony Blair delivered?

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