Kirsty McLuckie

Kirsty McLuckie

Restaurant review: Portavadie Marina, Loch Fyne

THE restaurant at Portavadie Marina is unexpected. In fact, the whole complex at Portavadie is something of a surprise, being a good-sized marina, a few miles from Tighnabruaich on the Cowal Peninsula.

Kirsty McLuckie: Out-of-court settlement robs us of potentially hilarious double act

THE nation's press reacted with disappointment when it was announced the Michael Jackson wasn't going to appear in person in London this week to defend a £4.6 million action brought against him by a Bahraini prince.

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Kirsty McLuckie: How's that abstinence-only sex education coming along, guys?

IN THE few days since Sarah Palin's appointment as John McCain's running mate, the list of personal matters she has felt obliged to get off her chest have certainly raised conservative eyebrows and called into question the vetting procedures of the Republicans.

Kirsty McLuckie - Poor Jacqueline…they've gone and twitted her one

THE furore over a rude word used by children's author Jacqueline Wilson in My Sister Jodie, a book read by pre-teens, raises some serious questions.

Kirsty McLuckie: Let's try an egg and spoon swim, so weedy kids can get a medal

AS I WRITE, the American swimmer Michael Phelps is still on target to win eight gold medals at the Beijing Olympics, despite the best efforts of the French freestyle relay team, which came within a hair's breadth of spoiling it all earlier in the week.

Kirsty McLuckie - It's a dog's life … and death – so no cheating with a facsimile Fido

THE art critic Brian Sewell once said that heaven, to him, would be waking up in a bed on which every dog he'd ever owned was lying. This appeals to me; if you fancy going somewhere after death, it's better than floating around in a celestial nightie plucking a harp.

Kirsty McLuckie - Pubs are often the canary in the coalmine for small communities

THE NEWS that a community group has been granted the right to buy its local pub in Midmar, Aberdeenshire, is of particular interest to my own West Coast community.

Kirsty McLuckie: Time to take a stand against this pick'n'mix approach to church

I LOVE the story of the vicar who evicted a couple's own child from their wedding ceremony for making too much noise.

Kirsty McLuckie: Forget the £12.50 a week, but I'll quit smoking for the recognition

HEALTH authorities in Dundee, charged with getting smokers to stop, have come up with a carrot policy after years of failing with the stick approach.

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