Kenneth Bigley kidnapping

Kenneth Bigley kidnapping

McCanns meet the brother of beheaded hostage Ken Bigley

THE parents of missing Madeleine McCann met the brother of Ken Bigley, the hostage murdered in Iraq, to discuss the trauma of having a relative kidnapped, it has emerged.

Bigley death quiz

AN ALLEGED al-Qaeda militant is being interviewed in Turkey over the murder of British engineer Ken Bigley in Iraq.

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UK could remain in Iraq for decade

Key quote "Even when all the provinces are handed over, we will still be providing a force to mentor and back up the Iraqi army and police, and to protect coalition supply routes." - Des Browne, the Defence Secretary

Iraqi minister kidnapped at gunpoint

GUNMEN in camouflage uniforms kidnapped Iraq's deputy health minister from his Baghdad home yesterday in the latest incident to cast doubt on the loyalties of Iraq's US-trained security forces.

Family of beheaded Iraq hostage call for Scotland Yard to probe burial claims

THE family of murdered British hostage Kenneth Bigley have called for Scotland Yard detectives to investigate claims that his body is buried in a ditch near the Iraqi city of Fallujah.

'I'll tell Ken Bigley's family where to find his body'

A SUSPECTED al-Qaeda militant has offered to reveal where the body of Ken Bigley was dumped after he was beheaded in Iraq.

Terror suspect 'in gang that killed Bigley'

AN al-Qaida terrorist arrested in Turkey has allegedly claimed to have been a member of the gang that abducted and murdered British hostage Kenneth Bigley.

Radio station fined £125,000 for racist show

Manchester: Piccadilly Radio has been fined £125,000 - the largest penalty yet for UK radio - after presenter James Stannage made a string of racist comments and joked about the death of Ken Bigley during late-night phone-ins on its station Key 103.

Family plead for release of hostage Bigley's body

THE family of murdered British hostage Ken Bigley appealed for the release of his body today to allow them to put an end to the "sad story".

Bigley family in plea for body

THE family of Ken Bigley, the 62-year-old Briton who was taken hostage before being murdered by Iraqi militants last year, appealed yesterday for the release of his body to enable them to put an end to the "sad story" of his death.

Claims Bigley killer held in Iraq

LONDON and Washington refused to comment yesterday on reports from Iraq that the notorious terrorist wanted for the murder of Ken Bigley had been captured.

Blair reads from Bible at Bigley service

MURDERED Iraq hostage Ken Bigley was remembered yesterday at a memorial service attended by family, friends and senior politicians.

PM set for Bigley memorial

TONY BLAIR was today expected to attend a memorial service for murdered British hostage Ken Bigley.

Liverpool gives Boris short shrift

BORIS Johnson’s attempts to make peace with the people of Liverpool yesterday met with failure, as the Tory arts spokesman and journalist was publicly savaged by the brother of Kenneth Bigley, the murdered Iraqi hostage.

Help us find Bigley's body pleads UK's Baghdad ambassador

BRITAIN’S ambassador to Iraq yesterday made a televised appeal to Iraqis for help in finding the body of British engineer Kenneth Bigley, beheaded by his kidnappers this month.

Brown freezes funds of Iraq terror group

CHANCELLOR Gordon Brown ordered a freeze yesterday on any funds held on behalf of the terror group which kidnapped and murdered Kenneth Bigley in Iraq.

US launched Bigley rescue bids

CRACK US troops made two failed attempts to rescue hostage Kenneth Bigley and the two Americans he was held captive with.

Body of Kenneth Bigley was dumped outside Baghdad

THE body of Kenneth Bigley, the British engineer killed by his kidnappers last week after three weeks in captivity, was dumped south of Baghdad, it emerged yesterday.

US jets target Bigley's killers

AMERICAN warplanes struck twice in the rebel-held Iraqi town of Fallujah today, destroying a restaurant and a house said to be used by members of the terror group that beheaded Briton Ken Bigley.

Straw faces questions on Bigley's death

THE on-going political controversy over Iraq will be met head-on by the government today when it faces MPs’ questions over weapons of mass destruction and the death of the British hostage, Kenneth Bigley.

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