Ken Livingstone

Ken Livingstone

Ken Livingstone says 'I do' at zoo

FORMER London Mayor Ken Livingstone has married his partner Emma Beal at London Zoo.

Livingstone walks on air for zoo wedding

FORMER London mayor Ken Livingstone was set to marry long-term partner Emma Beal yesterday at London Zoo.

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Ken keeps his hand in

Normally politicians rejected by the voters tend to accept the verdict, but as Andrew Gilligan discovers, Ken Livingstone bucks the trend

Livingstone wins election backing

MORE than 100 artists, academics and politicians have given their backing to Ken Livingstone in the London mayoral election.

Livingstone aide quits over trip lie

A MEMBER of the London mayor Ken Livingstone's staff has resigned after it emerged she was lying when she denied accepting a free luxury trip to Nigeria.

Livingstone to hammer gas-guzzlers with £25 road charge

DRIVERS of gas-guzzling cars will have to pay £25 to enter London's congestion-charge zone under plans announced by Ken Livingstone, the city's mayor, yesterday.

Livingstone praise for revolution

LONDON mayor Ken Livingstone has praised the Cuban revolution and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez in his first stop on a visit to Latin America.

Ken Livingstone wins appeal over 'Nazi' jibe to reporter

LONDON mayor Ken Livingstone today won his High Court appeal against a finding that he brought his office into disrepute when he likened a Jewish reporter to a Nazi concentration camp guard.

London mayor calls for all new housing to be green

ALL new affordable homes constructed in London will soon have to be state-of-the-art environmentally friendly buildings and close to carbon-neutral, the city's mayor, Ken Livingstone, said yesterday at a conference in New York.

Livingstone attack on race chief

LONDON Mayor Ken Livingstone, left, launched an extraordinary attack on race chief Trevor Phillips, dubbing him a self-publicist who was "pandering to the right".

London Mayor set to earn more powers

KEN Livingstone is poised to be given more powers as Mayor of London.

Mayor cleared of anti-Jewish comments

LONDON'S Labour Mayor Ken Livingstone has been cleared of anti-Jewish remarks about two businessmen - the second such charge he has faced in months.

Tax for London's polluting cars

MOTORISTS with polluting cars could face a congestion charge of as much as £20 to drive in the centre of London, Mayor Ken Livingstone said yesterday.

Mayor attacks police watchdog

KEN Livingstone has accused a police watchdog of being involved in an attempt to smear Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair.

De Menezes killing probe 'mishandled'

LONDON mayor Ken Livingstone launched a stinging attack on the Independent Police Complaints Commission today for what he said was its "mishandling" of the inquiry into the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes.

Giving mayor power to the people

KEN LIVINGSTONE is not everyone's cup of tea.

London 'subsidising Scots lifestyle', says Livingstone

KEN Livingstone, the London mayor, has come under fire for suggesting that Londoners' money keeps Scots in a lifestyle "to which they are accustomed".

Edinburgh needs a Livingstone, says former council leader

MARK Lazarowicz, a former leader of Edinburgh council, last night called on the Scottish Executive to create elected mayors for Scotland's cities.

Ken to meet Blair-baiting Chavez

LONDON Mayor Ken Livingston, pictured, is to host a lunch for a left-wing Latin American leader who called Tony Blair "an ally of Hitler".

Livingstone can stay on as mayor - at least for time being

KEN Livingstone succeeded yesterday in a last-ditch legal bid to remain as mayor of London - only hours before his four-week suspension was due to begin.

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