Keep Leith!

Keep Leith!

Funds plea as festival stages grand fin-ale

LEITH Festival reached its climax with the Gala Day Parade on Saturday.

Sense of identity is our Leithal weapon

SOMETHING special is happening down here. We've just witnessed the best Leith Festival yet. One hundred and fifty events in 60 venues - all within a square mile. In the space of four years we have grown by more than 500 per cent and are now neck and neck with Glasgow's West End festival as the "Old Firm" of community festivals in Scotland.

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Festival grant cut rejected

A PROPOSAL to cut the grant given to the Leith Festival by 50 per cent has been overturned thanks to cross-party consensus from local councillors.

Traffic ban is fast-track to pavement cafe culture

A BAN on traffic in Leith's Shore area in a bid to embrace pavement cafe culture will be brought into force under plans being discussed by city leaders.

MP praises shake-up of boundaries

WORK and Pensions Secretary Alistair Darling today praised the latest proposals to shake up the political map of Edinburgh - despite the fact his seat will be scrapped.

Thousands of Leithers celebrate our historic triumph

GLASSES were being raised today in victory celebrations for the Evening News Keep Leith campaign.

Toasting victory in celebrations

GLASSES were being raised today in victory celebrations for the Evening News Keep Leith campaign.

Victory close in the battle to save Leith

LEITH looks set to keep its place on the political map after the man in charge of drawing up Edinburgh’s new constituency boundaries said he would take little persuasion to retain the name.

COMMENT: Leith pleas

THE Evening News campaign to stop Leith being dropped from the electoral map of Britain has been a phenomenal success.

Name-change trio snub News’ bid for answers

FRESH controversy over plans to drop the name of Leith from the electoral map of Britain flared today after the body behind the move refused to be questionedon the issue.

Port of leith is home to anchor

STEPHEN Jardine looks like he’s in mourning. Dressed in black jacket and shirt, his appearance is as ominous as the overcast sky above him.

Posting notice to keep Leith afloat

THE Evening News is today launching free Keep Leith posters to give readers the chance to join our campaign.

Leith to tee up historic golf bid

A BOLD bid is under way to help Leith use its claim as "the real home of golf" to cash in on this year’s Open Championship.

It’s T in the port

THE Evening News has received a flood of orders for Keep Leith T-shirts as the campaign to save the historic name gathers pace.

Let’s get shirty

THE Evening News is today giving you the chance to show your pride in the name of Leith.

City chief steps in to name campaign

A TOP-LEVEL inquiry is to be held into plans to wipe the name of Leith from the political map of Britain after a dramatic intervention by Edinburgh City Council’s leader.

Persevere with fight to save Leith

THE name of Leith to disappear? (News, February 8). What next? Has the famous Port o’ Leith bar to become the Port o’ Edinburgh North East?

Don’t let sun set on a proud past

A STORM of protest has erupted over the proposal by the Boundary Commission to remove the name of Leith from the list of Scotland’s parliamentary constituencies.

Sir Tom joins fight

KWIK-FIT millionaire Sir Tom Farmer has joined the fight to save the famous Leith name as the Evening News campaign gathers pace.

Don’t sacrifice name of Leith

UNFORTUNATELY, I missed the articles in the Evening News concerning the name change of Leith proposed by the Boundary Commission last week and was only told about it on Saturday, otherwise I would have written in support before now.

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