Kate Moss

Kate Moss

An enduring model

POWERFUL, wealthy, stylish, beautiful, desired and envied; welcome to the world of the woman who is currently the most famous supermodel on the planet, Kate Moss.

Creative talent is not enough in the big business that is fashion

WITH talent, fame, stunning looks and iconic status already under her minuscule belt, Kate Moss has now added "fashion designer" to her CV. The launch of her capsule collection for Topshop granted her entry into the select but growing band of celebrities to have collaborated on a high-street fashion range.

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Moss hysteria?


Over 1,000 shoppers zoom in for Kate Moss collection

MORE than 1,000 shoppers thronged to Topshop's flagship branch last night for the launch of the Kate Moss collection.

Should fashion labels reward drug-taking?

This could bring new meaning to heroin chic. Pete Doherty, Britain's most (in)famous junkie, is going to become a fashion designer. "Truly a renaissance man," as one paper put it.

Moss's less than model behaviour has invoked the wrath of a nation

JUST before dawn on Wednesday, 400 members of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) surrounded the tiny Cordoban hamlet of Tierradentro, in the remote northern region of Colombia. As a hot sun rose over the village, the rebels fired a homemade rocket at its police headquarters, destroying it and killing a police officer.

Kate Moss named Model of the Year

KATE MOSS'S comeback from cocaine abuse allegations looked complete today after she was named Model of the Year at the British Fashion Awards last night.

Moss is world's best dressed

KATE Moss has been voted top of Vanity Fair's list of the best-dressed people in the world.

Moss escapes cocaine charge

SUPERMODEL Kate Moss will not be charged over claims she took cocaine, prosecutors confirmed today.

Moss goes from rehab clinic to Britain's most stylish woman

SIX months ago, her career was deemed to be in tatters after she was filmed apparently snorting cocaine in a recording studio.

Kate Moss ad boosts Virgin Mobile

A TELEVISION advert featuring model Kate Moss is helping Virgin Mobile to pick up more customers.

Moss faces police over drug allegations

THE supermodel Kate Moss was interviewed by police yesterday over allegations of cocaine use.

Kate Moss to face police over drug use exposé

THE supermodel Kate Moss is due back in Britain this week to meet detectives investigating allegations of cocaine use, it was reported yesterday.

Police to interview Moss over drug use

LAWYERS for the supermodel Kate Moss are arranging for her to be interviewed by police investigating allegations of cocaine use, it has emerged.

Police ask Moss to return to UK

POLICE have asked supermodel Kate Moss to return to Britain from the US to answer questions on allegations of taking drugs.

They're simply mad about the boys...

IT WAS always going to be as finely choreographed as a classical ballet, but even her most ardent critics must have been surprised at the success of Kate Moss's post-drug-shame comeback. Just weeks after leaving rehab she is back in our headlines, this time with the best possible news: she has found a new passion for 2006, and this time, she won't mind being photographed enjoying it.

Kate Moss 'cocaine video' probe

POLICE are reviewing the infamous video of Kate Moss allegedly snorting cocaine, secretly filmed during a London recording session by her boyfriend Pete Doherty's band Babyshambles.

Virgin Mobile to give Moss a chance after drug revelations

Kate Moss is set to be the face of Virgin Mobile, in what would be her first new deal since revelations over the model's drug problems saw her dropped by brands such as Chanel.

Kate Moss makes cover comeback

Scandal-hit model Kate Moss has appeared on the cover of American magazine Vanity Fair, fuelling speculation she is beginning a comeback.

Supermodel Moss checks out of rehab clinic

SUPERMODEL Kate Moss has checked out of rehab following the cocaine row which threatened to wreck her career.

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