Jolanta Bledaite murder

Jolanta Bledaite murder

Head-on-beach murderer appeals conviction

A FORMER Russian army soldier is to appeal against his conviction for murdering a woman whose head was found on a beach, it was revealed yesterday.

Jolanta killers get total of 48 years for 'wicked and chilling' crime

THE ruthless killers of a Lithuanian migrant worker whose body was cut up and dumped in the sea were jailed for at least 28 and 20 years yesterday.

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Jolanta killers jailed for life

A former Russian Army soldier and his accomplice were jailed for life today for murdering a Lithuanian migrant worker whose severed head was found on a beach.

Jolanta Bledaite murder trial: Macabre discovery that foiled 'the perfect murder'

TO VITAS Plytnykas and Aleksandras Skirda, murdering their fellow Lithuanian Jolanta Bledaite must have seemed the perfect crime.

Criminals must not enjoy freedom of movement

HOW was Vitas Plytnykas, the heartless murderer of Lithuanian farm worker Jolanta Bledaite, allowed to enter this country? He cut off her head and hands after smothering her with a pillow, in a plot to steal her modest savings. His crimes were described by the judge Lord Pentland yesterday as "truly monstrous and evil… I am left in no doubt you have absolutely no respect for human life or decency. At no stage have you shown the slightest sign of remorse."

Jolanta Bledaite murder trial: 'Blue-eyed innocent' who hid a dark secret

HE WAS described in court as a blue-eyed boy with an "innocent face" – but was a real-life Hannibal Lecter.

Jolanta Bledaite murder trial: 'Truly monstrous and evil' pair with no respect for life

VITAS PLYTNYKAS and his accomplice were yesterday condemned for the "truly monstrous and evil" murder of Jolanta Bledaite, a Lithuanian farm worker.

Jolanta Bledaite murder trial: Damning evidence shows how killers calmly disposed of woman's body in a suitcase

ALEKSANDRAS Skirda struggles to haul a large blue suitcase across Arbroath's High Street, as countryman Vitas Plytnykas walks casually in front, hands-in-pocket.

Lithuanian found guilty of Jolanta murder

A former Russian Army soldier was today found guilty of murdering a Lithuanian migrant worker and dumping her mutilated body in the sea.

Jolanta's murderer a 'Hannibal Lecter' as verdict due

A JURY will be asked today to decide whether the "gruesome and brutal" murder of a Lithuanian farm worker had been the crime of only one man, or whether he had an accomplice.

Head-on-beach accused refuses to speak at trial

THE man accused of murdering and cutting off the head of a Lithuanian worker has elected to remain silent at his trial, it was announced yesterday.

Jolanta murderer denies implicating accused man to win a reduced sentence

A MAN who has confessed to charges of murdering and cutting off the head of a migrant worker denied yesterday that he was trying to win a reduced sentence by implicating a second man.

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