John Swinney v Bill Wilson

John Swinney v Bill Wilson

Salmond v Sillars for the soul of the SNP

The SNP is in the throes of a bitter battle between the "moderates" and the "fundamentalists" over the holding of an independence referendum. The arguments are encapsulated perfectly in the following lively exchange of letters featuring former SNP leader Alex Salmond and Jim Sillars, the former MP for Glasgow Govan.

How do you see off the SSP and yet win moderate votes

The SNP is being squeezed on the left by the SSP, yet needs to reach out into the middle ground to win over disillusioned Labour voters. How would you square this circle?

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Are you against excessive taxation

In what way will you work to ensure that this party takes a strong stance against excessive taxation and bureaucratic government?

Will there be a vote on independence from Europe

If the SNP wins the next election, will you give the people a chance to vote on Independence from Europe the same way that you'll give the people the chance to vote on Independence from Britain?

SNP leadership candidates answer your questions

On 27th September the SNP conference will vote on who should lead the party: John Swinney MSP, the current leader; or Bill Wilson, an activist from Glasgow. The contest is a key test of Mr Swinney's leadership, under fire since disappointing results at the Scottish general election.

How do you sell independence to a sceptical population?

How do you plan to sell Scottish independence to a seemingly sceptical population?

Should the SNP join a Constitutional Convention?

Should the SNP negotiate with the SSP and other independence supporting organisations in a Constitutional Convention?

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