John Peel 1939-2004

John Peel 1939-2004

Gravestone ensures DJ John Peel will get his teenage kicks for all eternity

Family honours late radio presenter's wish to have lyrics of favourite song adorn grave – a new addition to art of unusual epitaph

John Peel pub hopes to be a hit

A PUB named after Radio One legend John Peel has opened in his birth town.

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Legendary radio DJ Peel leaves records to his wife

JOHN Peel left his coveted collection of more than 25,000 records to his wife in his will, it emerged last night.

Peel's belle epoche

Margrave of the Marshes

Peel's widow 'can't bear to give records away'

JOHN Peel's widow has revealed the late DJ's huge record collection will not be donated to the British Library, because it would be "just awful" to part with it.

Peel praised for rape disclosure

A LEADING children's charity yesterday welcomed a decision by the late BBC disc jockey John Peel to talk about his rape by an older pupil at boarding school in his autobiography.

Bands reunite in memory of DJ Peel

THE power pop band TV21 and other former Edinburgh groups are to get together again for a one-off gig on the first anniversary of the death of the iconic DJ John Peel.

BBC declares Peel Day in memory of popular DJ

THE veteran DJ John Peel, who died last year, is to be commemorated with a special day of programmes and concerts, which is planned to become an annual event, the BBC announced yesterday.

Radio 1 unveils Peel Day to celebrate late DJ

Radio 1 today announced a John Peel Day to celebrate the life of the visionary DJ.

Prize tribute to John Peel

A NEW prize named after the legendary Radio 1 DJ John Peel will be unveiled at the NME Music Awards at the Hammersmith Palais in London tomorrow.

Peel's replacements named

THREE DJs are to take over the vacant late night slot on Radio 1 following the death of the legendary presenter John Peel, it was announced yesterday.

BBC names Peel-slot DJs

RADIO 1 unveiled the successors to the late DJ John Peel today.

The spirit of John Peel remains alive and well in Edinburgh

IF YOU want a summary of why so many people loved John Peel, the story of Edinburgh label SL Records speaks volumes. It’s a tiny operation, run by one man, Ed Pybus, from a room in his house, on the smallest of profits, often in his dressing gown.

Laughter and tears as Peel fans say farewell

UNSCRIPTED and, for the majority of the congregation, unexpected, the loud, raucous and unmistakable sound of Liverpool fans in full voice filled the cathedral, the chant louder and clearer, until, with one voice, it became You’ll Never Walk Alone.

Public funeral for John Peel

THE funeral of DJ John Peel is to be held next week and will be open to the public, it was announced today.

Radio 4 pays tribute to John Peel

A HOME Truths tribute to John Peel has been broadcast on Radio 4, in memory of the legendary DJ who died last week.

I'll miss waking up with John Peel on a Saturday morning

I have no idea who I’m going to wake up with tomorrow morning, but chances are it’ll be a complete stranger. That’s the danger of routine, I suppose. You get used to the same voice, the same quirks and foibles, the same cosy same-ness of it all, and when the rug is suddenly ripped out from under you and the terrible realisation dawns that you have to start all over again, you rush into the arms of someone wholly unsuitable.

John Peel

Disc jockey and radio presenter

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