John McTernan

John McTernan

John McTernan: Educational reform is the priority

Standards in our schools are slipping, but the SNP has the people and the ideas to halt the slide

John McTernan: Playing nasty card might get results

Labour's Iain Gray needs to attack the SNP's weaknesses if he hopes to become our new First Minister

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John McTernan: Brain drain may sound death knell

President Lyndon Baines Johnson was once asked why he didn't talk more about the Vietnam War. His response was vintage LBJ: "If you have a mother-in-law with only one eye and she has it in the centre of her forehead, don't keep her in the living room".

John McTernan: There's no alternative -Tavish must kick up a stink

Scottish Lib Dem leader needs to show he's in charge, denounce the coalition and go on the attack

John McTernan: Who dares wins in two-horse poll

With the SNP running a 'presidential' campaign, Gray must adopt a more hands-on approach

John McTernan: Nuclear sector is far from meltdown

The pictures of the Fukushima nuclear power station in Japan have been horrendous. Day after day, reactors exploded and emergency staff have rallied to cool the overheating fuel rods. The fear of a meltdown is real. The release of radiation into the surrounding area has led the Japanese government to suspend the sale of certain foods from the surrounding area.

John McTernan: Balls is putting some bounce back into Labour

Following some dodgy coalition decisions and a change in the public mood over cuts, the Left is growing in confidence on the economy

John McTernan: Prepare to be left poorer by pension reform

Playing with the pension system is done by every government, but don't believe in a magic fix which doesn't involve some of us losing out

John McTernan: Trumped-up, anti-British posturing

There's never been any secret about the SNP strategy once they formed the Scottish Executive. They have systematically sought to create a sense that the Executive, its agencies and its actions are entirely independent from the rest of the UK. So, they rename the Scottish Executive as the Scottish Government. And though the Executive remains the legal name - check what they have to write when it matters - we all follow their change.

John McTernan: Cameron bets all on radical change

Scots may be bystanders to many public service cuts, but we are missing out on bold reforms

John McTernan: Hands up anyone with the answer

The Prime Minister does not know the difference between a sound bite and a sound policy

John McTernan: A deal, by any definition, was done

Scottish and Westminster governments are again dancing around release of Lockerbie bomber

John McTernan: A radical solution to the Holyrood blame game

The annual Scottish Budget dance has begun. Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the Greens sets out their demands. The Conservatives ask for guarantees.

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