John McCain

John McCain

John McCain offers backing to 'inspiring' running mate Sarah Palin

DEFEATED US presidential candidate John McCain defended his running mate Sarah Palin today, denying that she damaged his White House bid and dismissing criticism of her as campaign sniping.

Analysis: Now the blame game begins for Republicans

WITH a shrug of his shoulders, a Sunday school teacher in the crowd at what was to have been John McCain's victory rally in Phoenix struggled for the words to voice his disappointment.

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Defeated John McCain pledges support to President-elect Obama

JOHN McCain conceded defeat today in a gracious speech urging his supporters to throw their weight behind the new president.

In pictures: Obama and McCain give their final speeches

NEW US President-elect Barack Obama and his defeated rival John McCain gave speeches at rallies following the result tonight.

American voters all set to make history

AMERICANS vote today in what is guaranteed to be a pivotal point in their nation's history: By tomorrow the country will either have its first black president, or it will have witnessed the greatest election upset since polling records began.

Full transcript: Canadian radio comedians fool Sarah Palin into believing she is talking to Nicolas Sarkozy

The full transcript of the prank call in which Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin was tricked into believing she was talking to French President Nicolas Sarkozy. It was in fact Canadian radio comedians Masked Avengers.

US election: McCain narrows the gap in the final push

POLLS presented contradictory results across the United States last night, with evidence that John McCain is closing with Barack Obama ahead of tomorrow's presidential election.

C'est la vie as prank call embarrasses Palin

FOR someone who could soon be a heartbeat away from being the leader of the free world, it was hardly a performance likely to win over wavering voters.

Prank call

Sarah Palin has told a Canadian comedian posing as French president Nicolas Sarkozy during a prank call that "maybe in eight years" she will be president.

Home of the Brave?

American humorist Rich Hall explains why the US has fallen for Barack Obama and turned its face against John McCain in the race for the White House.

A pitbull with her teeth pulled

THE gutsy, moose-shooting, tax- cutting hockey mom was supposed to be the answer to Republican prayers. But with just nine days to go until the election, 'Palin power' has turned into a nuclear meltdown for John McCain with an opinion poll showing vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin to be more of a liability to his campaign than George W Bush.

Paul Krugman: Plumbing new depths in the hunt for vote of ordinary Joe

FORTY years ago, Richard Nixon made a remarkable marketing discovery. By exploiting America's divisions – divisions over Vietnam, divisions over cultural change and, above all, racial divisions – he was able to reinvent the Republican brand.

US election: Poll finds Obama and McCain neck and neck

A NEW poll has found John McCain and Barack Obama running nearly dead-even less than two weeks before the presidential election.

US election: Sarah Palin is a pitbull with (expensive) lipstick

SARAH Palin, the Republican vice-presidential candidate, has enjoyed a £90,000 clothes and make-up budget, election campaigners admitted today.

Uncompromising McCain happy to see heads roll

If the way John McCain has run his presidential campaign is any indication of the way he would run the White House then 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue may need a revolving door to the Rose Garden.

McCain softens his approach to Obama

AFTER a week of trying to portray Senator Barack Obama as a friend of terrorists who would drive the country into bankruptcy, Senator John McCain abruptly changed his tone on Friday night, telling voters at a town hall-style meeting that Obama was "a decent person" and a "family man", and suggesting that he would be an acceptable president should he win the White House.

Obama has the edge over 'angry' McCain

THE words were sombre, even dull, but the body language told of the hostility building between Barack Obama and John McCain in their second US presidential debate on Tuesday.

Gloves off but neither man lands a blow

IT WAS the most-anticipated TV event of the year. Watched by an estimated 60 million Americans, the two men who would lead the United States went head to head on Friday night at the University of Mississippi, but viewers who tuned in hoping to see blood on the floor were left disappointed. Neither Democrat Barack Obama nor Republican opponent John McCain delivered a knockout blow.

Dogged battle joined for the 'lipstick' voter

IT'S ALL about the women, stupid! The fight is on to capture America's 110 million female voters, with both presidential candidates launching an aggressive push for women's votes in the final six-week sprint to the US election.

It's time for some fighting talk

IT HAS not been Barack Obama's best week. Polls show him trailing in key states, fundraising is behind target, prominent Democrats are going off-message and supporters of Hillary Clinton are failing to come to his aid by reaching into their pockets.

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