John Major's affair

John Major's affair

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Edwina Currie and I agree on two fundamental issues: the importance of salmonella-free eggs - any aficionado of home-made mayonnaise owes her a debt of gratitude - and the sexiness of John Major.

Daughter hurt over Currie affair

EDWINA Currie’s daughter has described the hurt and betrayal caused by her mother’s revelation of a long affair with John Major.

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Major 'ready to lie' in adultery libel trial

FORMER Prime Minister John Major was prepared to lie on oath to cover up his adulterous past, it was claimed last night.

Currie: Major was not up to the job

JOHN MAJOR last night ducked out of answering questions about his four-year affair with Edwina Currie just as his former lover claimed he had been ill-suited to the job as prime minister.

Out of hiding and pulling no punches

FROM her refuge in a remote part of Brittany, France, a remarkably reticent Edwina Currie has virtually ignored the vitriolic aftermath of her spectacular diary revelations on Saturday.

MPs are tempted by affairs of state

THE life of MPs is liable to place them in the path of great sexual temptation, the Labour peer Lord Healey once said.

The diary excerpts that reveal a new side of Major

THE revelations that stunned the world of British politics and shed new light on John Major, the former prime minister, and the events of his government, were first penned by Edwina Currie 15 years ago.

Edwina says Major behaved atrociously

EDWINA CURRIE today turned on her former lover John Major, accusing him of behaving "atrociously" and describing his Back to Basics campaign as "evil".

Major and Currie face the press

EDWINA Currie and John Major were preparing last night to make their first public appearances since their affair was revealed at the weekend.

Major faces £50,000 demand

THE OWNERS of the Daily Sport and Sunday Sport newspapers are demanding that John Major returns £50,000 they lost after a legal settlement, or he will face a new lawsuit.

A week in Westminister: Tories hoping Major issue will eclipse a taxing one

IAIN DUNCAN SMITH is probably laughing today at the thought. Any problems with next week’s Tory party conference will still be overshadowed by the aftershocks from the revelation that former Tory Prime Minister John Major had a four-year affair with Edwina Currie. It’s certainly an extraordinary story, and far more interesting than anything that is likely to happen in Bournemouth next week.

News columnist in 'Edwina affair'

A FORMER Tory candidate and government adviser had sex with Edwina Currie while she was having her affair with John Major, it was claimed today.

Edwina was right to break Westminster's old taboo

IF WE ARE to believe the front pages of our leading newspapers, it’s been a big week in politics for women scorned. First there was Edwina Currie, belatedly spilling the beans about her Eighties affair with John Major; then came the former Scottish Executive minister Wendy Alexander, caught expressing her full and frank opinion of her Labour colleagues on the Mound to none other than the SNP’s Jim Sillars.

The Major love story

THE plot at the heart of the intriguing affair between a "boy from Brixton" - destined to become one of the country’s most powerful political figures - and his flamboyant female colleague could have leapt sizzling from the pages of one of Edwina Currie’s bonk-busting novels.

Tories ostracise Major

EDWINA Currie last night admitted to a second affair, as senior Tories moved to ostracise John Major following revelations of his four-year fling with the former MP.

The revelation that came too late to change British history

THE telephone call that drained the already pallid complexion of John Major came last week while he was on a lecture tour of the United States.

So why didn't you spill the beans, John?

IT WAS my intention this week to begin by looking in a serious way at a publication from the think tank Renewing One Nation, which sets out the 12 principles of "Compassionate Conservatism".

Currie turns on former lover Major

FORMER Tory minister Edwina Currie today turned on John Major after he described their four-year affair as the event in his life of which he was "most ashamed".

Sex in the Commons? You bet - power was the ultimate Tory aphrodisiac

DID we think John Major was ‘at it’ way back then in the mid-80s? Of course we did. Everyone was ‘at it’ in the fetid atmosphere of Tory triumphalism and seemingly never-ending ministerial power.

Fancy a Currie, John?

"WHEN I think about Edwina, I just remember that she was always on her way somewhere, usually with a glint in her eye - it was a very playful habit. Thinking back to it now, this all fits together. I suppose it makes sense."

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