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John Gibson

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Shock as Edinburgh primary pupil is knocked down at crossing

A FIVE-YEAR-OLD girl is fighting for her life after being knocked down at a zebra crossing outside a city primary.


John Gibson: The Rowan clan’s special occasion

Can Edinburgh handle TWO Norrie Rowans? One’s enough, for God’s sake. There is, in fact, a Norrie Rowan Junior. He is a director of the Caves entertainment complex in the Old Town’s Niddry Street (an essentially family organisation, sisters Lisa and Caroline being co-directors).

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John Gibson: Porter all the way on Hogmanay

It has to be an obsession. Philip Contini, whose real job is running Valvona & Crolla in Elm Row, was in his daughter’s VinCaffe in Multrees Walk on Monday singing Cole Porter songs with his Be Happy Band. A one-off Italian-American dinner show.

John Gibson: Judge for yourselves, we were told

Somebody had suggested, an ex-Army officer, I believe, we should have a reunion of Cavalcade judges. A throw-back to the days when Princes Street could take a grand annual Sunday parade.

John Gibson: Cole Porter is coming to Elm Row

So who gets star billing this year at Valvona & Crolla for the Elm Row deli's now significant impact on the Fringe?

John Gibson: Barking up right tree with Kay

ONLY because basically I'm a dogs man. Only because I'm chummy with Kay Hamilton (the Duchess). Here's me plugging a fund-raiser for Scottish Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue and I've no place in this warmest of hearts for the breed.

John Gibson: Calm down, the war is long over!

CALM down, John, it's only a letter and it comes in peace and with best wishes from Naomi Tarahara, wife of the Consul-General of Japan in Edinburgh.

John Gibson: Just don't call this a Shanti town

The entrepreneurial (he'll happily settle for acquisitive) Shorof Uddin, whose acquisitions include the Curry Club at Corstorphine and In Touch at Goldenacre, now plans to become a pillar of the community in Dalkeith.

John Gibson: This would get right on their wick

Trouble with a capital T. Right here in River City. No, not T for tram. I'll throw some light on the subject.

John Gibson: This place has to be a treasure

Right, men! Cutlasses at dawn. But keep me out of it. Charming individuals, I'm sure. I've got Franco Martone telling me Robert Louis Stevenson habitually quaffed a refreshment at his place, Ciao Roma on South Bridge.

John Gibson: Annie, can't you make it sooner?

Go on, then. Ask me. What was the highlight of your Easter? Unhesitatingly I'd have to say the proclamation that Anne Robinson is quitting The Weakest Link. That's the good news. The bad news, reportedly, is that she won't be going till next spring, when her contract expires.

John Gibson: It's Elmore enjoying a good girn

You're never going to see Elmore Leonard, the grand master of American fiction, in Charlotte Square in August. He doesn't do itsy-bitsy book festivals featuring the usual suspects.

John Gibson: Take your partners for the tango

Can't abide the flamenco but the tango does bring the old blood to simmer.

John Gibson: Marina is back where she belongs

Cockburn Street simply wasn't the same with out her. Marina Crolla's personal presence has been noticeably missing for eight months while she has devoted her time and effort to setting up her Angels With Bagpipes restaurant on the Royal Mile.

John Gibson: You're not getting the vote, mate!

Sorry, mate, you're not on! The night Alex Cole-Hamilton's vote-for-me prod for Edinburgh Central flopped through the letterbox, his co-leader was on the Six O'Clock News, Vince Cable.

John Gibson: Right up there with the Paras

Closer than you've ever been to the front line in Afghanistan. Closer to the action than John Simpson, Orla Guerin or Jeremy Bowen ever get.

John Gibson: The weegie's well suited to the job

Another opening, another show! Allan McWilliam, the roving retailer, opened Slaters, the men's outfitters in George Street, in 2002. Now he's managing the re-launch of Romanes & Paterson, the three-storey department store in Princes Street.

John Gibson: Say Al, how about this £6 billion?

Next time you see Alistair Darling in the street, and he lives locally as you know, don't hesitate to tap him on he shoulder or tug at the eyebrows and ask if he's happy having palmed six billion to skint Portugal.

John Gibson: Nishy, do well . . don't let me down

Premature of the good natives resident in the Easter Road vicinity to hang out the flags and bunting and organise street parties. I mean, the Royal Wedding's a couple of weeks away.

John Gibson: Never been a flamenco fan either

The Spanish I'm hearing on Lothian Buses, now that the tourist stramash is gearing up for a long, over-populated summer, isn't sweet music to these ears - to these old lugs, and they won't find lugs in the Spanish-English phrase books.

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