Jerry Springer

Jerry Springer

Protesters picket Jerry Springer show

CHRISTIAN protesters picketed the controversial Jerry Springer the Opera musical when it opened in Edinburgh last night.

Springer muddle calls for thought, not hate and fury

IT'S not often you need the police to help you get into a theatre. But the pavement outside the King's Theatre in Glasgow on the opening night of Jerry Springer The Opera was so packed with Christian protesters that uniformed officers were needed to keep pathways open to the theatre door.

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Springer offensive? you must be joking

CONTROVERSY and Jerry Springer have always gone hand in hand. In fact, considering the outrageous and often bizarre content of his infamous chat show, it is remarkable that no-one came up with Jerry Springer - The Opera sooner.

Group denies Springer demo

A CHRISTIAN campaign group today distanced itself from planned protests against Jerry Springer - the Opera when it visits the Festival Theatre later this month.

Springer protesters all fired up and ready to picket show

RELIGIOUS protesters are planning to picket the controversial production of Jerry Springer - The Opera when it arrives in the Capital later this month.

Jerry has a cross to bear

GENTLE reader, sorry to intrude on your Sunday breakfast, but it is our duty to deliver some distasteful news. Jerry Springer the Opera is returning to these parts and the very fabric of our society is once more under threat. You will understand, of course, that this wasn't always the case. When the self-styled "operical" played to sell-out audiences of 800 a day at the Assembly Rooms during the Edinburgh Fringe of 2002, we were not to know the mortal danger we were in.

Jerry Springer opera receives grant

Arts Council England has given the national tour of Jerry Springer - The Opera a £30,000 grant, six months after refusing to subsidise the controversial show.

Springer opera hits a sour note

STEWART Lee, the director of Jerry Springer - The Opera, cut short a news conference at His Majesty's Theatre, Aberdeen, yesterday after being heckled by invited members of Christian Voice, which says the musical is "blasphemous".

Springer's city show to start heated arguments

IT led to record numbers of complaints to the BBC and death threats being made against the show's writers.

Famine is offensive, not Jerry Springer

FOR A NON-Christian, I take a pretty positive view of Christianity. I mean, it's obvious, isn't it, that if everyone lived according to the proposals put forward in the Sermon on the Mount, we'd live in a much more pleasant, equitable world?

TV chiefs reject Springer opera complaints

BBC governors have rejected 63,000 viewer complaints about Jerry Springer - The Opera and ruled the corporation was right to show it.

Springer signs ITV deal for British version of his show

THE controversial talk-show host Jerry Springer is to get a British version of the confessional programme that turned him into a household name in the United States.

Opera offence

JERRY Springer said yesterday that the opera based on his show was offensive to Christians and added that he would not have written it himself.

Capital bid for Springer stage show

THE producers of controversial musical Jerry Springer - The Opera have held discussions with Edinburgh theatre chiefs about bringing the show to the city.

Springer TV opera faces blasphemy complaint

THE BBC is being investigated by Scottish prosecutors amid claims it broke blasphemy laws by broadcasting the controversial Jerry Springer - The Opera north of the Border.

BBC braced for Springer opera storm

THE BBC was bracing itself for further criticism today as it prepared to screen the controversial Jerry Springer musical.

BBC to air Springer musical in face of anger at language

THE BBC has defended its decision to air Jerry Springer - The Opera uncut, despite 15,000 complaints over its record-breaking level of bad language.

BBC urged to axe show with 8000 obscenities

CLEAN-UP campaigners have written to the chairman of the BBC demanding he abandon plans to screen Jerry Springer - The Opera.

King of trash TV hears party's call

AS CROWD excitement swelled at the Democratic National Convention, the junk television host, Jerry Springer, was flattered to hear thousands of people behind him chanting his name.

Springer out

NO CHAIRS were flung, no punches thrown, no mud slung and there was no hysteria in Ohio yesterday as talk-show host Jerry Springer announced he would not run for the United States Senate in next year’s elections.

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