Jerome Starkey in Afghanistan

Jerome Starkey in Afghanistan

Motorbike bandits of Jam: A look at the land Nato forgot in Afghanistan

FIVE masked men stand at the foot of a gorge, Kalashnikovs slung over shoulders, motorbikes parked next to a yurt. None wears uniform, one has a radio, only their eyes are visible beneath their headscarves.

Meet the woman who could hold the key to peace in Afghanistan

BLINDFOLDED and bundled into an stranger's car, Afghanistan's most unlikely peace negotiator was driven across Helmand for more than two hours, under the cover of darkness, for a clandestine meeting with the Taleban's supreme leader.

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Afghans bite the bullet with their own version of The Office

Ricky Gervais never had to deal with suicide bombers and stray bullets in his hit comedy The Office. His comic creation David Brent never had a pistol-packing bodyguard and there certainly wasn't a one-eyed man with an M-16 strolling around - but then he wasn't based in Afghanistan.

Taleban kill 22, including BBC man, in suicide attack on Afghan officials

SUICIDE attackers killed at least 22 people, including ten children, when militants stormed government compounds in Tirin Kot, capital of Afghanistan's Uruzgan province yesterday.

Taleban leader sends envoy to talk peace with western officials in Qatar

Mullah Mohammad Omar, the spiritual leader of the Taleban, has given his blessing to Afghan peace talks and sent a "trusted envoy" to meet British, American and German officials, according to two former Taleban ambassadors in touch with those involved.

Analysis: Why talking to Mullah Omar is in everyone's best interests - including Taleban's

THE United States is leaving Afghanistan. The real questions are how fast, at what cost, and what will they leave behind?

Russia has Soviet-era Kabul icon in its sights

Bombed hollow and bullet scarred, the ruins of Russia's Cultural Centre stagger over Kabul like a modern day Ozymandias, warning would-be imperialists of the perils of meddling in Afghanistan.

Hamid Karzai blames US for collapse of corruption-hit Kabul Bank

Afghanistan's relations with the West suffered another bruising yesterday as president Hamid Karzai blamed Americans for the multi-million-dollar failure of the country's largest bank.

Deadly start to 2011 as Afghanistan violence rises

Violence in Afghanistan soared by 30 per cent in the first three months of 2011, despite record levels of foreign forces.

Koran burning row hits soldiers

British soldiers fled an angry mob in Kabul yesterday after accidentally killing a woman in a traffic accident.

Karzai accused of aggravating anti-US violence

Afghanistan suffered a third day of violent demonstrations yesterday as President Hamid Karzai faced accusations he was fuelling the fury at recent burnings of the Koran in the United States.

Two beheaded and six shot in attack on UN Afghan base

The United Nations mission in Afghanistan was thrown into crisis last night after two staff were beheaded and at least six others killed when a mob overran its regional headquarters.

Elders cause uproar over Afghanistan pop concert

British officials in southern Afghanistan hailed Helmand's first pop concert as unmitigated triumph. But the second, it seems, was a bop too far for conservative tribal elders.

Fears grow as body pictures are broadcast on Afghan TV

Pictures of American soldiers desecrating their victims' dead bodies were broadcast across Afghanistan last night, raising the prospect of a violent backlash against Nato and the West.

Kinsman of Karzai is shot dead by Nato special forces

NATO special forces have killed one of Hamid Karzai's elderly relatives in a botched night raid, just days after the Afghan president warned military commanders that civilian casualties would cost them the war.

SAS capture haul of Iranian rockets destined for Taleban in Helmand

British Special Forces have intercepted a convoy of Iranian weapons destined for Taleban insurgents in southern Afghanistan.

Living in the aftermath of a Taleban roadside bombing

The first blast tore a man's legs off and shredded his Kalashnikov into little bits. For a moment, Specialist Jacob Moore thought it was his fault.

Cash crisis looming as IMF pushes Karzai to clean up corrupt bank

President Hamid Karzai's failure to clean up a corrupt bank part-owned by his brother could force international donors to stop bank-rolling the Afghanistan government within weeks.

Afghanistan: 'State control of women's shelters will put lives at risk'

Women-hating warlords are behind Afghan government plans to seize control of women's shelters, Human Rights Watch warned yesterday.

Afghanistan: Outrage at threat to secret shelters where women hide from death

Secret shelters which protect women from murder, forced marriages and ritual mutilation will be turned into "virtual prisons" that make women less safe, under Afghan government plans to wrest control of them from local charities, women's activists warned yesterday.

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