Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez

Lopez ex in revelations threat

JENNIFER LOPEZ'S ex-husband will reveal intimate details about her unless he is stopped by a judge, despite having being paid nearly £70,000, her lawyer claims in court documents.

J-Lo gets into the Shetland spirit

JENNIFER Lopez has apparently been taking an interest in a Scottish drink. No, not Irn-Bru or Belhaven Best, but Diva, a vodka made by Blackwood Distillers, the drinks firm run from Shetland by Caroline Whitfield.

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J-Lo praises firms at glitzy bash

ACTRESS-SINGER Jennifer Lopez has led praise for entrepreneurs starting businesses around the world from small loans.

It-girls and militants? For fur's sake, no wonder we're apathetic

IT would be too easy to dismiss, or have entirely missed, the most recent of a long line of publicity stunts from singer-cum-actress-cum-dancer-cum-chancer Jennifer Lopez.

Rock bottom

IT CAN’T be the greatest feeling in the world, when you have hauled yourself up to your full artistic height and reached for the creative stars, and all people are really interested in is the size of your bum.

Film on TV

Angel Eyes

Serial weddings - I do, I do, I do

Dear old Jennifer Lopez. If the big-bummed talent with the predilection for wedding dresses didn’t exist, we’d have to invent her. Currently on honeymoon with hubby no 3, Marc Anthony, she clearly has a huge Elizabeth Taylor complex - the marriage licences, the diamonds, the curvy bod and the kaftans (see Oscars 2003). If eight trips down the aisle is good enough for old violet eyes then Jenny from the Block has only just got started.

Actress and singer Lopez marries salsa star in quiet ceremony

THE singer and actress Jennifer Lopez reportedly got married for the third time this weekend, less than six months after ending her stormy engagement to fellow celebrity Ben Affleck.

Jackpot for Jennifer Lopez's mother

GUADALUPE Lopez, the mother of the singer and actress Jennifer Lopez, has won a £1.3 million jackpot playing slot machines in Atlantic City.

Punnet of Raspberries for Ben and Jennifer

JENNIFER Lopez and Ben Affleck were last night savouring a virtual clean sweep of all the awards on offer at the ‘alternative Oscars’ ceremony.

Razzies blow Hollywood's stinkers

JUST as Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s real-life romance crashed and burned, the two are front-runners for a worst on-screen love-affair award.

It's all over for 'Bennifer'

THE on-off relationship between stars Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez is finished for good.

'No date' for J-Lo wedding

HOLLYWOOD hunk Ben Affleck insisted there was still no date set for his wedding to actress and singer Jennifer Lopez.

Heroes and Villains: Gordon Brown and Jennifer Lopez

NB: we know that there are far more worthy heroes than those listed here - doctors, nurses, aid workers, Franck Sauzee, etc. Similarly, murderers, rapists and dictators are indisputably far greater villains. This column does not deal with them. It is designed to honour those who have caused surprise by their actions.

Hollywood's golden pair hit new Lo

BEN AFFLECK and Jennifer Lopez are set for the ultimate humiliation - their latest movie turkey is likely to be dropped by every cinema in Britain.

Lessons in love

It isn’t hard to feel a great deal of sympathy for the breakdown in the relationship of Bennifer, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. After all, marriage is difficult at the best of times, and this one seems to have come under more dramatic scrutiny than most.

Ben dumps J-Lo, says magazine

HAVE they gone from "Bennifer" back to Ben and Jennifer?

So how J-lo can the celebrity silliness go?

Jennifer Lopez: The Story, Five

Jennifer Lopez - the ideal bag lady?

Predictability has never been a word particularly associated with the fashion world. Innovation is the name of the game, and any designer worth their salt will look to invent an entirely new look with each season’s collection.

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