Jeffrey & Mary Archer

Jeffrey & Mary Archer

Cameron block on Archer

JEFFREY Archer will not make a return to the Conservative benches in the House of Lords if David Cameron becomes leader.

Cameron says no way back for Archer on to Tory benches

DISGRACED Conservative peer Lord Archer will remain in the Tory wilderness even if he manages to regain his membership card, the favourite to be his new 'boss' warned last night.

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Another pie in the face of pomposity

THEY have operatives everywhere in a host of organisations - Al Pieda, Biotic Bakers Brigade, Patisserie Brigade Internationale - shadowy groups ready to attack the pompous with the finest foodstuffs.

Archer to appeal perjury conviction

DISGRACED peer Lord Archer is preparing to appeal against his conviction for perjury, his wife said yesterday.

Archer may be back

THE Tories would consider "sympathetically" an application by disgraced peer Lord Archer to rejoin the party, its co-chairman Liam Fox said.

Governor denies Jeffrey Archer's open prison is like a holiday camp

THE head of the open prison where disgraced Conservative peer Jeffrey Archer was an inmate dismissed suggestions today that he was in charge of a "holiday camp".

Archer's tale of prison hell takes to stage

A PLAY based on disgraced Tory peer Jeffrey Archer’s first days behind bars is set to feature at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Government decision on Lords reform allows Archer to keep title

LORD Archer is to keep his title, thanks to the government’s decision not to press ahead with plans to reform the House of Lords, it emerged yesterday.

Archer faces losing title

DISGRACED perjurer Lord Archer - who today made his first public appearance since being freed - will be stripped of his peerage under plans for House of Lords reform.

Archer to lose title amid Lords reform

THE government moved yesterday to sweeten controversial proposals for House of Lords reform by including provisions which could see the Conservative peer, Lord Archer, stripped of his peerage.

Writing the wrongs of prison life

After two years languishing alone in prison, his first foray into public life meant everything to him. A platform at the Howard League for Penal Reform would show his newly -found insight into society’s underclass, his social conscience, his utter rehabilitation.

Archer: keep in illiterate cons

DISGRACED Tory peer Lord Archer was today proposing a "draconian" change to prison rules which would deny parole to illiterate inmates unless they learn to read and write.

Archer back in the batting order at Lord's

HE MAY have been excluded from the elite Marylebone Cricket Club for his misdeeds, but Lord Archer was back rubbing shoulders with the sport’s great and good at Lord’s yesterday.

Archer's wife will 'fight to clear his name'

LADY Archer has promised to continue fighting to clear her husband’s name as the couple spent their first weekend together since the disgraced peer was released from prison.

Archer 'may sue' prison

DISGRACED peer Jeffrey Archer is reportedly considering taking legal action for the "distress" he believes he endured while in prison.

Give it five years and Jeffrey Archer will be a national treasure

‘I don’t know who this guy is" said my (foreign) partner, "but that’s terrible, the press hounding him the second he comes out of jail."

Archer dines out on his new freedom

THERE is nothing like immersing oneself in the finer things of life to erase a distasteful experience. Luckily, then, that poor old Jeffrey Archer, who, according to his latest prison diary extracts, endured vile abuse, brutal violence and the ever-present obsession with sex among inmates during his two-year stretch, has got a few pennies more to rub together.

A windbag who shows no sign of repenting

ONCE upon a time there were two boastful, lying, wealthy windbags living in their own fantasy worlds, creating havoc and destruction and destroying the lives of others without compunction while managing to stay one step ahead of the law.

Archer finds freedom has strings

IF JEFFREY Archer was happy to be free from Hollesley Bay open prison, his scowl disguised it well - or perhaps he had just spotted the ITN cameraman on the back of a powerful Virgin limo motorbike, a Yamaha FJR 1,300 capable of 170mph, which set off in pursuit of him.

Freed Archer flirts with authority

LORD Archer celebrated his first day of freedom in two years yesterday - by cocking a snook at the prison service.

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