Jeff Salway

Jeff Salway

Jeff Salway: We'll all be losers when PPI saga leads to bank fees

I TRUST you enjoyed your share of Lloyds Banking Group's success last week. What success, I hear you ask?

Jeff Salway: Cultural change needed to put bank customers first

When Sir John Vickers was chair of the Office of Fair Trading, he was accused of being too cautious with the extra competition powers he had been given. You can see where that idea came from, judging from Monday's preliminary report by the Vickers-chaired Independent Banking Commission (IBC).

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Jeff Salway: Ofgem's bark needs to have bite to give consumers real power

No-one familiar with Ofgem's previous attempts at reining in the excesses of the big six will be getting carried away with the energy regulator's sabre rattling on Monday.

If you feel banks deserve punishing, then punish them

The banking crisis was supposed to be a tipping point in the relationship between the UK's high street banks and their customers. No longer would consumers put up with sub-standard service and a flagrant disregard for their needs, the likes of which were drummed out of other industries decades ago.

Jeff Salway: Take the lead and dump dog tired investments

No FOOTBALL manager worth his salt would keep picking players that consistently fail to pull their weight in the team. So why should investors tolerate poor performance year after year from funds into which they've ploughed their own money?

Jeff Salway: Plain speaking from pensions providers may win hearts and minds

Thanks to my mediocre DIY skills I'm all too familiar with the sinking feeling that invariably follows any attempt to repair something. The satisfaction at a job well done inevitably becomes frustration at having, in fact, failed miserably.

Jeff Salway: Unhappy new year in prospect as ideology wins out over economics

A lot of hot air has been expelled over the VAT hike, but its true impact can only be viewed in the context of a flurry of blows set to hit households over the coming months.

Jeff Salway: Mis-selling scandals set to return as less scrupulous exploit new rules

I have no intention of making firm predictions for the year ahead; there are plenty of other ways in which I can, and doubtless will, make a fool of myself. However, I do suspect 2011 could be the year in which financial mis-selling scandals return to the headlines.

Jeff Salway: Tuition fees are just one of the financial hurdles facing young people

Letting kids leave school with no financial skills is unacceptable

Osborne barking up the wrong tree after watchdog's mixed forecast

IT'S a fine line that separates optimism from delusion and George Osborne is clearly a man who likes to flirt with it.

Jeff Salway: 'Low-risk' labels that really take the biscuit

THIS year's competitors could have been forgiven for anticipating a relatively smooth ride. The banking crisis and the recession made the previous competition the most challenging yet, and this time promised to be a walk in the park by comparison.

Jeff Salway: Free current account era nearly over, but don't expect better banking

BANKS are only misselling products because they're not making enough money on current accounts. Oh, and free banking is also the reason for the lack of competition in the sector.

Watchdog risks making things worse for battered housing market

THE UK's lenders were anything but meek at the annual Mice event this week as they continued to divert attention away from their role in the lending slump.

Jeff Salway: Battening down the financial hatches

Many hopes that the pressure on household finances would ease as Christmas approaches appear to have been dashed. Consumer confidence has ebbed away in recent weeks, according to the major surveys on the subject, and developments this week will do nothing to improve sentiment.

Jeff Salway: Government's stealth attack on pensions that flew under the radar

IT WAS hardly buried in the small print but the extent to which one apparently technical change made by the government will hit millions of people is only now starting to be appreciated.

Jeff Salway: Fear for the future is growing but Scots savers are putting away less for pensions

Six in ten Scots are putting less money aside for their retirement than they were a year ago, new research shows.

Jeff Salway: Lodging a defence agaist hard times

LODGERS are the latest weapon being employed by cash-strapped Scottish households as the government begins implementing an unprecedented package of austerity measures.

Investment: India picks up the pace despite Games snags

India picks up the pace despite Games snags

Jeff Salway: After the false dawn, the real correction in house prices is on its way

IT WAS a year ago this month that the first annual rise in house prices for almost two years prompted bold declarations that the property slump was over.

Jeff Salway: Savings are still essential, unless you are Charlie Bean

THE deputy governor of the Bank of England is either confused, very short-sighted, or both. Weeks after proposing a mortgage lending cap that would kill off any prospect of a housing market recovery, Charlie Bean has called for consumers to ditch prudence and embrace debt in favour of an economy-boosting spending spree.

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