Jean Charles de Menezes

Jean Charles de Menezes

De Menezes family agree deal with police over son's killing

THE family of Jean Charles de Menezes revealed yesterday they have agreed a compensation deal with the Metropolitan Police.

No disciplinary action for de Menezes police

RELATIVES of Jean Charles de Menezes have been told police officers involved in his fatal shooting will not face punishment.

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De Menezes family in plea for memorial at station where he died

GRIEVING relatives of Jean Charles de Menezes hope public pressure will break the deadlock over a permanent memorial to the Brazilian, who was shot dead by police marksmen four years ago.

De Menezes memorial bid

RELATIVES of Jean Charles de Menezes launched a campaign today to have a permanent memorial erected where he was shot dead by police.

Tube driver gets payout for police chase trauma

THE driver of the Tube train on which Jean Charles de Menezes was shot has finally received compensation for suffering trauma after he was chased down an underground tunnel by police in the aftermath of the incident, it has emerged.

Menezes verdict attacked

THE police watchdog came under fierce attack from campaigners for the family of Jean Charles de Menezes yesterday, after an officer who admitted tampering with evidence was cleared of any wrongdoing.

De Menezes family will seek compensation from police

RELATIVES of Jean Charles de Menezes say they will pursue a compensation package worth tens of thousands of pounds from Scotland Yard.

Letters reveal de Menezes row

THE scale of a behind-the-scenes row between London mayor Boris Johnson and the police chief he later forced out was revealed last night when letters between them were published.

Dead man walking: the last moments of de Menezes' life

JEAN Charles de Menezes was effectively a dead man as soon as he left his London home on the morning of 22 July, 2005, a jury ruled yesterday.

'Whitewash' attack as jury reaches Menezes verdict

The family of Jean Charles de Menezes branded his inquest a "whitewash" today as a jury rejected police claims that the Brazilian was lawfully killed.

Relatives of de Menezes stage court protest

JURORS in the Jean Charles de Menezes inquest retired to consider their verdict yesterday after relatives of the Brazilian staged a courtroom protest.

De Menezes 'was not unlawfully killed'

JEAN Charles de Menezes was not unlawfully killed, a coroner told a jury yesterday.

Retiring Blair makes call for more 'breathing room'

POLITICIANS must give senior officers "breathing room" to run their forces, retiring Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair said as he stepped down today.

De Menezes: Met hampered by '9 to 5' working

THE innocent Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes was shot dead after pictures identifying the real terror suspect arrived too late, it was claimed yesterday.

Police tactics 'unchanged' since de Menezes shooting

A POLICE firearms chief admitted yesterday that "very little changed" after the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes.

De Menezes police 'were like fanatics'

A TRAIN driver who fled into a tunnel as police shot dead Jean Charles de Menezes believed that firearms officers were terrorist "fanatics", an inquest heard yesterday.

De Menezes was not identified, inquest told

A SURVEILLANCE officer who was tailing Jean Charles de Menezes yesterday said his team made no identification of the Brazilian as a terror suspect before he was shot by police marksmen.

Menezes marksman: 'I had to keep firing until I thought he was dead'

A POLICE marksman yesterday relived the moment when he shot dead Jean Charles de Menezes, fearing he was a suicide bomber about to attempt to murder all those around him.

'Shockwave of gunfire' at death of de Menezes

A DETECTIVE described a "shockwave" of gunfire yesterday as he recalled pinning down Jean Charles de Menezes after mistaking him for a suicide bomber.

Two officers give different accounts at de Menezes inquest

TWO policemen involved in the operation in which Jean Charles de Menezes died gave contradictory statements at his inquest yesterday.

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