Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson 'has daughter, 18'

JANET Jackson's former brother-in-law has claimed the singer has a secret daughter.

$550,000 fine for Janet Jackson's 'wardrobe malfunction'

THE United States television network CBS was yesterday fined $550,000 (£300,000) for the infamous "wardrobe malfunction" that resulted in the singer Janet Jackson exposing her right breast during the Super Bowl half-time show, broadcast live in February.

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Record fine for TV flash

JANET Jackson’s bare breast flash earlier this year will result in a record $550,000 (£310,000) fine for 20 CBS television stations.

CBS to pay for Janet boob

THE CBS television network could face a fine of £300,000 for airing Janet Jackson’s breast-baring performance during the Super Bowl in February.

Jackson in TV 'outburst'

JANET JACKSON was bleeped by censors while talking to TV talk show host David Letterman - for saying "Jesus".

A very public falling-out

ACCIDENT or carefully contrived publicity stunt? The brief appearance of Janet Jackson’s right nipple, complete with star-shaped piercing, may have dazzled or dismayed the more than 100 million viewers of Sunday’s Super Bowl for only 15 seconds, but the post-mortem has dragged on for days.

Jackson sued for showing her breast

AN AMERICAN woman has filed a lawsuit demanding billions of dollars in compensation for "serious injury" suffered when Janet Jackson exposed her breast at the Super Bowl.

Janet sued for baring breast

A TENESSEE woman has sued Janet Jackson and others involved in her breast-baring Super Bowl halftime show last Sunday, saying millions of people are owed monetary damages for exposure to lewd conduct.

The morality police are watching out for us

News just in that we can relax in the knowledge that whatever atrocities may have occurred, the US will make a full and thorough investigation.

Superbowl success overshadowed by singer's unexpected exposure

MTV apologised yesterday after the pop star Janet Jackson "unintentionally" exposed her right breast during a half-time performance at the Super Bowl.

All out for maximum exposure

WHEN Janet Jackson’s right breast burst out of her PVC bustier during a performance in Houston, Texas, it took only minutes for calls of complaint to flood in.

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